Bleeding Between Cycles Program

Bleeding Between Periods

A normal menstruation cycle lasts from 2-7 days and may have 2 days of heavier bleeding. This is not such a heavy period that it means you have to wear extra pads at night.

With a normal period you will lose between 2 and 8 tablespoons of blood (80 ml). If you bleed too often you are losing more blood than you should.


If you bleed between cycles you may

1. Feel fatigued often

2. Not sleep well

3. Lose interest in sex

4. Have a less than normal endometrium wall

5. Have Sallow skin (grey and dull)

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It can even track your cervical mucus, the times when you have intercourse and can remind you to take pills, put on a patch or have an injection.

Why Bleeding Between Cycles Can Cause Issues

If you bleed too often you are losing more blood than you should.

Signs of blood deficiency:

• pale tongue (color under the white coating)
• low energy
• inability to fall asleep easily
• fatigue.

Signs of anemia:

• same as blood deficiency but the tongue is paler and the sides of the tongue are lighter than the middle

How Chinese Medicine Sees This Issue

The Chinese Medical solution for benign bleeding between cycles in focused on building up your strength and vitality.
Traditional Chinese Medicine says that you are bleeding between cycles because your digestive system is not strong enough.
Signs of a weak digestive system (any two of the following):

• soft stools
• gas and/or bloating
• no interest in eating in the morning
• slight scalloping on the sides of the tongue

Also, if you tend to chill easily this can drag down your energy. Lack of energy and cold energy both make it difficult for your body to work efficiently. Your power generator (your digestive system) is tired.

This lack of vitality can make you brings less interest in sex and less energy to support your daily schedule. So the cycle needs to be broken. Not just with herbal formulas, but with food and movement therapy.

How We Can Help

The good news is that because we use the wisdom of Chinese Medicine, we know that

• Your body is in a constant state of renewal
• Your body can regain lost health and vitality

Start the Rejuvenation Cycle – Make adjustments to these two things and you will start to turn back your biological clock

1. Nutrition – the right herbs and some healing foods added to your diet.

2. Energy – increased energy to supercharge your Rejuvenation Cycle (the right energy formula plus the Radiant 8 Exercises and Fertility Massage both do this)


1. Build digestive strength, so you grab the great nutrition from the foods you are eating

2. Build blood with the right formulas for you

3. Learn which healing foods will help you, which will hurt, and why

4. Do some simple energy exercises to release stress, and activate stronger digestion

What you will Gain

1. More energy

2. No more bleeding between cycles

3. Better sleep

4. Happier disposition

5. Glowing skin

6. A Healthy endometrium wall

Put Your Mind at Rest

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

We know that if a woman bleeds between cycles, she worries that it could be cervical cancer symptoms.

We would like to reassure you that this is only true for a very, very tiny percentage of women. However, we encourage you to check with you doctor to rule out anything serious.

Go with the idea that it will give you peace of mind. For further information, and to help ease your worries, you might also like to read this MedlinePlus article.