how-to-get-pregnant-with-blocked-fallopian-tubes This is an approved transcription of the phone call Gabrielle made to us when, thinking her tubes were still blocked, she found she was pregnant.

”I went through a lot and I want to tell every other woman to take a chance, to give yourself a chance with Radiant Wonder. I want to tell them that when you have blocked tubes surgery is NOT the only option. No, it is NOT.

”This doctor told us we would never be able to have kids except with IVF. And then he said, ‘ you may not get pregnant even with IVF because your tubes really need to be taken out.’ And I looked at him like he was crazy. I wouldn’t go back.

”I felt there must be another way. Searching through the internet I found Radiant Wonder. I wanted to believe it would work, but after the doctor was so clear about how hopeless it was I wasn’t sure it really would work. I wanted this baby so much. I had to try! ”I’ve got to put my testimony out on your website. We had been trying for 18 months on our own. We so wanted a sibling for my son, and my husband and I wanted a child that was also his. I was totally prepared, after reading all the testimonials that if this worked it might take a very long time (a year or two).

”So I was completely shocked when it happened this fast (3 months). I am pregnant. And just last night I was being irritable and impatient. We were already talking about making plans to go to Florida and do that Clear Passage therapy (for $4,000).

”Amanda, I’m calling you today to tell you I am pregnant. Remember, you and I talked just yesterday? You were asking me about my menstrual period, when did it start and how long it was. And I told you it was coming on. Yesterday when we talked I believed that! ”I had all the cramps and I just knew it was coming. I had the pad ready. I just knew it was coming on. I just knew it was coming on, but it never did. ”I knew I was late already. It hadn’t come on the 2nd when it was due. And I thought,’you know, I’m just going to take a pregnancy test for the heck of it.’ I knew my tubes were blocked but I thought ‘I ‘ll just take a test for the heck of it. I’ll just do it anyway, because I am never this late.’ And it came out positive!

”The doctor said my tubes were blocked. Something happened for sure. Did one of them unblock? Did both unblock? I don’t know but I DO know I’m pregnant.

”My husband and I we are over the moon about this. I just can’t believe it. I have an appointment to go on Tuesday to see my OBGYN. My husband and I just can’t believe it. I wasn’t doing everything perfectly, but I did a lot. I changed my diet and cut out the cold drinks. I was doing the DVD like clockwork. My husband helped with the fallopian tube massage on and off. I did as much as I could and I was beginning to do more. My herbal program was Cinnamon & Poria, Harmony, Free Flow, Super Fertility #2, and then one month Liver Tonic 3000 instead of Harmony.

”I am not telling anybody yet because I have to be sure it is not in my tubes. I don’t have any symptoms. I am not sick. Only feeling I have is my breast has been sore for two weeks and I feel bloated. I have to put my testimony on the site.

9 months later Gabrielle and family celebrated the birth of their beautiful son, Jacob. This is the family he was welcomed into.

”That program I took to help me get pregnant felt great. Everything was going through the roof. And my pregnancy was so easy. Justin was 10 pounds 3.7 ounces. The only complication in the last trimester was that they thought I had gestational diabetes. I had to have a C section. Wouldn’t let me deliver naturally.

”You know I still do that Hot Water Detox today. I shared it with my sister, who has no interest in getting pregnant. She uses it when she is feeling bad or fatigued. It really makes her feel better.

”Thank you so much Radiant Wonder. I just want to tell other women: do not give up! The people at Radiant Wonder are dedicated to helping you, they have great program, and you know they really care.

2 years later Gabrielle, her husband and the 2 boys are awaiting the birth of their next sibling. It has been two years since Jacob was born and Gabrielle is pregnant again. This time there was none of the trouble getting pregnant. The tubes are still open. This time it is the pregnancy that has been a challenge, trying to stay pregnant!

” I am in the home stretch now and we will soon be able to share with you a full family picture – will it be 3 boys or will it be 2 boys and a little girl?”

Gabrielle J.

Atlanta, GA