If you are using a self care program to increase your odds for unblocking your tubes naturally, you may be taking formulas or products from different sources without guidance.

You can do this as long as you listen carefully to the guidance of your own body. Below we’ll give you some examples of signals your body sends you and when you might want to experiment with dosages to see if you can make your program easier on your body. Easier on your body will be a faster healing journey.

If you read our article on Blocked Fallopian Tubes you will find ”The Story of a Pot”. It clearly outlines exactly what you need to do:

  • Soften the scar tissue (softened scar tissue is easier to loosen)
  • Break down and release the scar tissue (for this you need heat, fertility massage, plus energy/blood moving herbs and supplements)
  • Support the building of new healthy tissue in the tube(s)

All the other programs I have seen, except those done in private practice with an acupuncturist, don’t address 1 (soften) and 3 (create new healthy tissue).

Everyone is focused on 2 – breaking down and releasing the scar tissue. So every program is full of products that are strong blood and energy movers. All are looking for the highest dose.

If you take too much of too many strong blood and energy movers there may be negative consequences: you may become blood deficient. (Chinese medicine says, ”if you move blood, you must build blood.” If you don’t, you may become blood deficient or even anemic.) Building new healthy tissue needs high quality, well oxygenated blood.

Two very popular examples of very strong blood and energy moving formulas.

Serrapeptase –

A very strong enzyme which breaks down scar tissue. Is very active. I think of it as ”scrubby bubbles”. It is popular to take in the ultra high dosages.

The tea: Xi Xian Cao & Yi Mu Cao –

Very strong blood and energy moving herbs. Chinese Medicine does not recommend taking these outside of a formula which balances negative side effects. They are both included in our Clear Flow, but in exact proportions and balanced with blood building herbs.

How to Protect Yourself:

Take Clear Flow with the other formulas so you have a supplement that is doing all 3 steps. This is a very balanced formula, addressing all 3 steps. Taking Clear Flow with the other products will help all your supplements work with better synergy, working together.

Learn what signals your body is sending you and exactly how to respond. This will help you take a signal and deal with it before negative side effects can build up.

How to know when to experiment with adjusting your herbal formula dosages?

Body Signals:

  • If your cycle is regularly not regular. A couple of shorter or longer cycles might be expected when you start ”moving.”
    If the pattern keeps persisting then it might be time to look at your overall program.

Too heavy on the ”moving” supplements?

  • If you are getting a lot of clots and/or discharge with your menses.
  • If there is discharge you will also want to get a pap smear.
  • If your period flow becomes very short or light.

These symptoms do not mean anything is ”wrong.” They are just signals from your body to pay attention and adjust how many of each you take everyday. More is not always better. Less might be better for you and you will heal faster with less. Don’t be looking for a ”Healing Crisis” that you have to get through. Look for a smooth and gentle healing journey. If you are taking too much of many moving formulas your body will tell you.

Cut out or way back temporarily. Allow things to settle back to normal and then reintroduce one product at a time to find your right dose.
In a few months you can test again and see what the body likes best. That good feeling is your pathway towards success.