Keep your core energy warm, strong and secure – honor your body’s aversion to cold. The results? more endurance, stronger immunity, less back pain, stronger sexual vitality

Your core (housed between your umbilicus (belly button) and your pelvic bone) is what we call your Jing*. This is the energy foundation for your whole body, the powerhouse that supports all body functions.

According to Chinese Medical Theory this core is the foundation for your stamina, your sexual vitality, the strength of your bones.  It can be called Jing. Strong Jing also brings strong willpower and mental focus and acuity.

Important fact: Cold saps your core’s strength. There are some very easy ways to keep the center of your Jing energy (what we call the “core) protected and warm: The Heat Patch, The Harimake, Mugwort Oil, Castor Oil Packs.

The Heat Patch – use only in the cold weather

Excellent for fertility, immunity, and back issues. For about $20.00 a month you can apply a simple little stick-on patch on your belly. Within a few minutes, it will warm up, and stay warm for about 8 hours. Not hot, just warm. That is better than any oil can do! Be sure to test it to make sure your skin likes it.

For fertility, you would use it in weeks one and two on your belly. It is safe to use it on the lower back (over the spine at the waist) in the second half of the cycle. It will not interfere with pregnancy. The most important time to use it is the first half of your cycle (the first two weeks, starting when you start to bleed).

For back pain, put it on the lumbar area. There is also a modern technique used in Asia in the hospitals to put a heat patch on the area of the 3rd Thoracic Vertebrae. They are finding this is good for bone strength.

It is a little patch with activated charcoal inside, which heats up when exposed to the air. So you open the pack, peel off the backing, and put the sticky side right below your umbilicus. CVS pharmacy sells CVS Beyond Bodiheat for about $3.00.  We found another excellent choice on Amazon: Amazon Heat Patch.

The Harimake Belly Warmer – When and How to Use It

Belly warmer tp

You can also wear a Harimake (very simple to make). This is a concept developed by the Japanese and it really helps you to hold the warmth in that core area of the body, helping you to stay balanced and heal faster. Wear it over the patch, or by itself.

The Harimake is a wide band of cloth (usually soft wool or flannel) worn around the waist. It was developed by the Japanese. The Harimake is worn under your clothes and surrounds your body just above your waist and also about 6 inches below your waist – covering your belly and your lower back. It covers the adrenal glands in the back at your waist and area of the body which Oriental medical theory considers your Powerhouse, the center of your physical vitality, just below your navel (home of what the Chinese call the Jing).

Protecting your Powerhouse protects your health

Your core is the energy foundation for your whole body. Your immunity, your back strength, your energy, your body warmth, your sexual vitality are all rooted in the energetic stability of your Powerhouse. Using a Harimake helps to hold the energy in this area. This protects you from stress, exhaustion, and illness. It maintains your sexual vitality and your physical energy (Jing).

Obviously, it is a tremendous boost for a fertility program. The Harimake is a tremendous anti-aging tool for those who chill easily, or who tend to have a cool area in the midsection of the body.

Wearing a Harimake can also make a remarkable difference in maintaining your health in the cold winter months when you lose energy to the environment. The body is fighting to maintain its body warmth. It is best to wear it all day.

Who benefits from the Harimake?

You would if:

  • You have a job where you work outside.
  • You work in an over-air-conditioned environment.
  • You have a history of miscarriages or are considered at high risk for pregnancy.
  • You have a job where you are constantly on your feet. You have sexual vitality or lower back issues.
  • You feel your adrenal energy is low. You work in a factory on a cold cement floor.
  • Your work environment constantly exposes you to the cold air
    (for example, you handle baggage; your work in a grocery store near the front door)

A customer called me recently to tell me how well the Harimake was working for her. She is a flight attendant and almost always feels a little cold. Flying was hard, because she was on her feet all the time and exposed to the cold. She tried the Harimake for the first time on a flight from San Francisco to New York. She called me as soon as she landed:

“I can not believe how that silly little piece of wool made such a difference in how I feel! The best way for me to describe it is that I feel ‘safe’. That may be a weird word to use, but I think when I am feeling cold my body must not feel protected. The Harimake definitely helped me to feel warmer and that made me feel safe.”

Many of our customers who were struggling to have a baby for many years have reported that they feel the Harimake made a difference for them.

The Haimake helped these customers to achieve successful pregnancies and avoid miscarriage. One customer has told us using the Harimake regularly definitely helped her when she was in danger of another miscarriage. She avoided the miscarriage and carried the baby full term.

In Chinese Medicine the Harimake is traditionally used for the following conditions:

  • low back pain
  • frequent and/or copious urination
  • nighttime urination
  • poor circulation
  • cold uterus (Asian concept)
  • low energy
  • poor appetite and digestion
  • gas and bloating
  • frequent colds and flu
  • nausea
  • frequent hair loss
  • bone and disc problems
  • lowered immunity
  • constant muscle pain
  • hypothyroidism
  • any state of chronic fatigue
  • enhancing fertility
  • securing the early months of pregnancy.

The Harimake can be used every day, or it can be used when you are feeling very tired. Wear it during the day under your clothes. It can be worn at night, but usually only if there is a dramatic need.

How do you make a Harimake?

Start with wool or another soft thermal fabric. Cut a piece about 8-12” high depending on your body. The top of the piece will be at your waist, the bottom will fall low enough to cover much of your belly, but not so low to ride up on you as you sit and stand during the day.

Wrap the “scarf” around your waist and pin it. If you sew, buy stretch wool and make a tube, then pull it up over your waist. Whatever you come up with will work wonders.

When someone in our family is getting a cold, we wrap their middle for the night, give them some Stop It Cold,  our best-selling immunity booster and by morning they have recovered.

Also, I used to work in an area that was very drafty. Using the harimake kept my energy level very high and I wasn’t chilled anymore. I could really tell the difference. When you make it and put it on, you will feel the difference. It is so simple.


Caster Oil Pack


Good to use, but hard to do all the time because it is so time-consuming. You can do the Castor Oil Pack on your belly. There is plenty of information about this on the internet. However, it is messy and takes a full hour. What is the greatest value of the Castor Oil Pack? That the oil (castor oil or sesame oil) holds the heat and when the pack is removed that oil has been absorbed through the skin to carry the heat for a longer time. It feels wonderful, but it gets tedious to do all the time. Warm Castor Oil or Sesame Oil is very good for stimulating the lymph system. You can also do the Lymphatic Massage (see video demonstration) combined with Classic Cleansing Formula to stimulate the Lymph System.

If you have other questions about how to build and protect your energy, we would love to share other ideas with you. Feel free to search our website (, e-mail us at [email protected], or call toll free: 800/901.0656.

*If you go to an acupuncturist you will hear words such as Kidney Chi, Kidney Yin, Kidney Yang, Essence, Jing. These are all aspects of what we simply chose to call your Jing. We prefer to use this word to cover it all as when you think of the word Kidney you are going to think of an organ in the back of your body. To someone schooled in Chinese Medicine these words are all part of the deepest energy reserves of your entire body, a powerhouse of energy. The home of the Jing is about 3 inches below your umbilicus and directly into your belly. The energy channels that support your Jing come from your feet up your legs.

**The Powerbuilder is the last exercise of the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises.