Aiko was told she would never have a baby because her FSH was 118. For the next 7 years she had hot flashes and no cycle. She also had only one fallopian tube, and it was 80% blocked. Aiko had the courage to try working with Radiant Wonder (courage because she knew it would likely take a long time). She also had a patient and determined husband who wouldn’t let her quit when she was discouraged. Over a year later, Aiko was pregnant, about to hold her miracle baby in her arms.

‘When I was 23 I went to see my OBGYN because I had stopped having my period. She did blood tests on my hormones and she told me my ‘ovaries were dead and that I would never be able to conceive’. My FSH was 118. She said that was too high and would never come down.

“I cried so hard in front of her. I cried and cried to think I was 23 and would never have any children. I was not married, as I am now (at 30), but I knew being married and having children was important for my life. The doctor said nothing encouraging. She just said ‘only God can help you now.’ I cried some more.

“I felt helpless and hopeless. Then I started having hot flashes, day and night I was sweating. This went on and on for years. My period never came. I had no energy. I never slept well. I was so depressed.

“Then I don’t know how I found this website, Radiant Wonder, and I will be forever grateful. I contacted the company and someone immediately answered the phone.  I learned that the Radiant Wonder Fertility Program would be giving my body deep nourishment it really needed.  She told me clearly that there was no guarantee,  but this natural program would give my body the nutrition it needed to see if it could turn around.

“I did everything. I took the herbs. I ate the greens. I did the Hot Water Detox and all the things in the program. Right away my hot flashes became less. Even in the first few weeks, I started sleeping better. Between the sleep, the herbs and the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises my energy really came back.

“But no cycle. And the hot flashes would go and then come back. Not as bad as before, but they took a long time to totally go away. I didn’t want to see the doctor again so I didn’t get my FSH tested. I just kept concentrating on the hot flashes and told myself when they were gone I would test again. I didn’t want to see that doctor.

“After 7 months the hot flashes stopped completely. I kept taking the herbs and waiting for my cycle to start. Nothing. I was depressed but I knew good things had happened so I kept taking the herbs and kept going.

After 9 months I got the courage to see my doctor. I felt if at least I could find my FSH was coming down I would have more hope and could keep going. But I was afraid to see her.

“”When I went in to take my test the doctor told me not to get my hopes up. ‘Since you are not getting your period I expect your FSH to be very high. I would advise that you start taking hormones to protect your bones and your body. You are not going to have a baby. You must protect your body.”

“I went home and waited. Then the nurse called me. ‘The doctor wants to talk with you.’ This made me feel hopeful because the doctor always wants to talk to you if they have good news.

“The doctor said to me: ‘I don’t know what is going on, but I have some great news for you. I don’t know how this is possible, but everything is perfect for you. This is amazing. I never had someone like this before. She was asking all kinds of questions. Did you some big stress in your life before? Your FSH is coming from 118 to 10.05. You have a very good chance of getting pregnant.’

“In my mind I was happy, but I did not tell her anything. In my mind I was thinking: ‘Do you remember when you told me that “only God can help you.”   I will never forget when you told me I would never have a baby. Remember how I cried in your face?.

“Then she told me to come on in and she could give me a shot to get my period started again. I said I would think about it. I knew I would never take her shot. I didn’t want to throw my hormones off balance again.

“Four days later I started a normal full period. I called and told the doctor. She called me back to talk. She talked to me for over 20 minutes. ‘I can not believe this. I have never heard of this happening. I am going to talk with a specialist and find out how this could have happened….on and on and on.

“I still never said a word about what I had been doing. I wanted to say: When I was there on Monday you told me I should be on birth control. You said to me ‘Right now you are losing everything. You have to protect your health.’

“I am going to change the formulas a little bit for a few months, and then we will see how the body does just with the fertility diet, the exercises and the Hot Water Detox. If it is not completely balanced it must be very close. So I am full of joy.

“I tell Amanda I do not know what she did for me. My ovaries were dead at 23 and now I am 30 and my whole life is coming back to me. She tells me it was me, not her, that did this, the credit goes to me.

“She said I had the courage to keep doing the fertility program even when I did not think I was getting results. I just wish I knew something to do for her. I can’t believe how simple the program is, but how it works. How do I ever say thank you!’

Aiko S.

Hawaii, USA

The baby boy Aiko thought she would never have

Later:  “Thank you Radiant Wonder.  I am holding my baby boy in my arms.  God has blessed us all.”