Strong Gynecological herbs are often used to give you a better chance for resolving conditions such as blocked fallopian tubes, fibroids, endometriosis, and polyps. Radiant Wonder never uses these herbs alone, they are always combined with special herbs to protect you. Our formulas are created to be powerful, but to ”do not harm.”

There are two types of herbs most often used in gynecological formulas:

1. Builders:

Deeply nutritious herbs to build back depleted reproductive health. These are the building blocks for more energy, blood, eggs, sperm, etc.
Examples of Builders: Dang Gui, White Peony, Rehmania, Ho Shou Wu, Codonopsis.

2. Movers:

The movers increase circulation of energy and blood. These are the herbs that reorganize and move out what you don’t want.
Examples of movers: (Cattail pollen, Peach seed, Red peony, Cnidium, Curcuma, and ”the two grasses.”)

Note: Serrapeptase, not an herb, it’s an enzyme, so we don’t sell it. It is also a very strong mover.

A few fun little known facts:

The two grasses are the famous herbs, Xi Xian Cao (Siegesbeckia) and Yi Mu Cao (Leonurus).

“Cao” means grass. Ancient herbal masters were often inspired by the shape or the energy of the living plant. A grass moves in the wind. Both of these herbs are “movers”. They move blood and energy, vital properties if you are dealing with so many gynecological issues. You want to “move things out!”

A “strong” gynecological formula is one with lots of movers.

However, you can not just use movers or there can be negative side effects and you might actually become less fertile. Why? The ancient herbalists knew why: “If you are going to move blood, you must build blood.” When you strongly increase the circulation of blood and energy you can easily deplete your blood. Seems logical if you have blocked tubes, hydrosalpinx, fibroids, or endometriosis. You want to take strong movers and get things ”out.” But to stay safe and do not harm to the body you also need to protect yourself and make sure there are well known blood building herbs in the formula.

Let’s use our popular formula, Clear Flow, as an example. It is definitely a moving formula. All the moving herbs listed above are in the formula. BUT it also has 2 wonderful blood builders in the formula so it is safe for you to take: White Peony Root and Dang Gui Root. So it is very safe for you to take.