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What does it mean when some of these symptoms show up for me?
It is a clue that you may have some sluggish blood.

* clots
* pain
* color if dark brownish red, even darker sometimes
* discharge of stringy tissue
* light flow
* heavy flow (heavy enough that you have to wear an extra pad at night)
* spotting at the end of the period
* late ovulation

Sluggish Blood is also a factor in polyps, fibroids, and endometriosis.

We can add to that list some male issues:
Poor sperm count *morphology *motility

Sluggish Blood is blood that is circulating poorly.  It is not a disease, just an imbalance. However, it can be a precursor to other issues.

Sluggish Blood can show up in other areas of the body, like the cardiovascular system, but it is most often seen in gynecological issues both for men and for women.

Sluggish Blood is when the blood is not healthy. It is not nutrient-rich. Since it is weaker, it and cannot flow efficiently, causing it to get sluggish. If you tend to be cold easily this makes it worse.

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Healthy Nutrient-rich Blood

When healthy your blood circulates to all of your cells (including sperm and eggs) and will deliver nutrients for the cells to use. The blood also removes waste from the cells and delivers it to the systems responsible for elimination.

High-quality blood and healthy Blood flow is vital to nourishing all the cells in your body, which include egg and sperm cells.

Think of a stream flowing.  If it slows down because the water is less it can tend to pool and stagnate.

So it is important not only to build nutrient-rich blood but also to allow for a free flow of energy and blood throughout the body.  Improving both of these is built into the Radiant Wonder Fertility Plan.

There is an ancient saying “Don’t just build blood, move blood.” 

This is exactly the thought behind many of our herbal formulas. This is one of the reasons our formulas are so safe and yet so effective. We are always thinking of protecting you, not just helping you heal.

Wherever there are blood builders there are some blood movers, to help avoid stagnation.  And whenever there are blood movers there are also blood builders, to protect the quality of the blood.

What can you do about it?

An interesting example:
When you have sluggish blood and the blood is getting stuck you can have sharp, localized stabbing pain. 

What helps
Why does it help? A hot water bottle on the belly, or a warm bath, can both bring relief because the warmth helps the energy and blood to move again.

Food Therapy

Leek, Scallions, Spring Onions, Dark Green Leafy Vegetables, Broccoli, Garlic, White Fish, Butternut Squash, Chicken, Turnip

Note: For some issues, food alone is not enough nutrition. Sluggish blood is one of those issues.

The Powerful Stress Busters

Do the Radiant Eight every day, helping to de-stress blockage and energy flow throughout the whole body, and do the Fertility Massage as directed. Both of these will dramatically help the flow of energy and blood. Important to be very consistent. These are as important as your herbal formulas.

Eating Habits

Eat smaller meals more frequently, eat heavier meals earlier in the day, concentrate on light and mildly spiced foods, stir fry, poach and steam, high vegetable, low carbohydrate, low meat. Avoid cold, and raw foods that freeze and constrict circulation.

An herbal formula can be a game-changer

Cinnamon and Poria
A Woman’s Vitality
Cycle Balancing
Clear Flow

Try different formulas to see what your body likes the best.