Do you have Low Sperm Count, Low Motility or High Morphology?

Combine the herbs recommended below with our Free 12 Week Healthy Sperm Program and watch your numbers change.

It is ok if you don’t choose to test.  But if you want to prove it to yourself test first.  Buy the Male Fertility Program (these are the recommended herbs) and download the free 12 Week Healthy Sperm Program.  4 months later test again.

The Power of Healthy Sperm

Did you know that if a man can create ample quantities of healthy, energetic sperm it can make all the difference when he is trying to get his partner pregnant? There is naturally an emphasis on the quality of a woman’s eggs which is obviously important.

However, the value of healthy sperm is important too.

Healthy sperm means a healthy baby but people don’t often talk about the great start you can give your baby if your sperm is healthy.

Your fertility journey is not just about a pregnancy. It’s also about having a full term pregnancy and about the health of your baby to be.

Just by making your sperm healthier, your baby can be healthier, smarter and stronger, and better prepared for life. Just by improving the health of your sperm, your wife is less apt to miscarry.

How May Healthy Sperm Help to Prevent a Miscarriage?

If your sperm is compromised it may encourage miscarriage. This is because if a sperm that is slow or not well formed (often due to poor nutrition) manages to penetrate the egg, the genetics may not be strong enough for the baby to be carried full term. [1]

It is best to try to avoid that scenario. A miscarriage is physically and emotionally challenging and your partner would need to take time to recover until you can try again.)

Our 4 Step, 3 Month Plan to Transform the Health of your Sperm

Here at Radiant Wonder we have created and used a 4 Step Fertility Plan for building the highest quality sperm. It has been successful for hundreds of men in countries all over the world.

It has always resolved

• Low Sperm Count
• Low Motility
• High Morphology

and High Antibodies are almost always resolved.

African American loving father holding his daughter

A major factor in the success of our Fertility Plan is that we work from the perspective of Chinese Medicine. This means we recognize that your fertility health is unique. Consequently, when your plan is created it is tailor made just for you.

When it comes to fertility health issues, no two men are the same.

The strength of our approach is based on this understanding. It is rooted in meticulous Western science measurements and the sophisticated Eastern techniques for often finding a solution when it is subclinical to Western tests and analysis.

Important Note:
You can do a Healthy Sperm Plan on your own, using the recommended herbs below, or you can get tested, and retest at the end of your 3 month plan. It is totally up to you.

The plan is set up with the idea that you know your numbers and want to see the change.If you are not testing your body will still get results. These are powerful, nutrient rich herbal formulas, many of them used for thousands of years to enhance male fertility.

What are the 4 Steps of the Radiant Wonder Fertility Plan?

Step One: Analysis

Step Two: Assessment

Step Three: Strategy

Step Four: Putting the Plan in Action

Interesting Facts that Open the Door to Many Possibilities

Many of you may be reading this because you have had a semen analysis and have been told that some of your numbers are subpar.

Before we explain the plan, let us tell you some interesting facts.

These Numbers are only a Measure of the Last 72-90 Days of your Life

Let’s get this straight. These tests are not a measure of your whole life. They only cover the health of your sperm in the last 72-90 days.

It’s also important to understand that the numbers you see are not set in stone. They fluctuate and once you know what you are doing, you can change them.

This is the great thing about being a man. You can change these numbers, and unlike some women’s issues which can take a long time, your numbers can change quickly. Most men see dramatic changes in three or four months (like Adam, below) but as you will see by some of our customer’s stories, things are already changing within 5 weeks.

Our Male Fertility Program

Given the proper deep nutrition of herbal formulas and energy techniques, you can activate your body’s natural healing mechanisms. We’ve supported many men as they renewed their fertility health, created a healthy environment for their sperm, and went on to father healthy, beautiful babies.

Male Fertility Program

Adam’s Success Story

“When I got my test results back and saw motility at 3% it was tough.

My wife had been working with Radiant Wonder for about 4 months and I could tell she was changing.

So I signed up for Your Male Fertility Plan. I didn’t really want to follow up every 2-3 weeks, but I did and it actually was very valuable. It was short and we made some intelligent adjustments.

I definitely had more energy. I felt better and had a better attitude.

But was that changing my sperm?

I couldn’t keep spending money for 4 months to find out. So I retested in 2 months.

Motility moved 3% to 25%. My 4 month test was at a normal level, over 40%.

Making this dramatic change has dedicated me to keep with my healthy lifestyle and diet changes. I am going to keep taking Male Fertility Formula, Stress Relief and Deer Antler until we achieve pregnancy. “


Stage 1: Analysis
Which Tests to get and how to Get Them

Two tests are required for analysis.

1. An STD Test

This is necessary because if there is a Sexually Transmitted Disease present and left untreated it can affect your fertility.

Your partner should have the same test.

2. Semen Analysis

This is to look at the current health of your sperm. The semen will also be checked to see if there are antibodies present which could be causing an issue.

Make sure that all of the Following are being Tested

Sometimes a lab does not include them all. You want all five.

1. Volume
2. Count
3. Motility
4. Morphology
5. Anti-sperm Antibodies

How to Have the Test Done

You don’t have to use your insurance for semen analysis.

These tests on your semen can be done by your General Practitioner.

Some labs suggest that you bring your sample from home although the sperm can die or be damaged in transit to the lab and if this happens, your test will not show accurate results.

If you can find a lab that tests ‘in house’ it will be much easier as you want the specimen analyzed immediately.

What You Need to Know Before the Test

You are asked to not have sex for at least 48 hours but no longer than 7 days, prior to the semen analysis test.

This is to make sure that you will be able to produce enough fresh sperm for an accurate test.

Father and baby daughter

Home Semen Tests

The home tests are generally a waste of money because

1. They don’t test all of the parameters you want.

2. Your semen should be tested within an hour of ejaculation. If it is tested after too much time has passed, the results may show a ‘false negative’ of more slow moving or dead sperm than you really have.

Stage 2: Assessment (of the Results)
What Numbers do you Want and What Numbers do you Have?

Here is what you want to see on the tests.

These are the minimum suggested by World Health Organization.


This is the total amount of fluid you ejaculate.

Desired result – at least 1.5 millilitters


Two numbers are looked at here:

1. The number of your sperm per millimeter

Desired result – at least 15 million

2. The number of sperm in the volume of your fluid

Desired result – at least 22.5 million


This shows how well your sperm are moving.

The World Health Organization recommends at least 40% of your sperm actively moving.

Here are the four categories.

Desired result – at least 40% in categories 1 and 2.

1. Rapid progressive = rapid forward movement (healthiest and best sperm)

2. Progressive = forward moving (just not as rapid as 1)

3. Non-progressive = moving, but not progressing forward. Moving in other directions

4. Immobile = not moving at all.


This shows the percentage of abnormal sperm.

Desired result – The World Health Organization wants at least 4% normal.

Note: If you are doing IVF procedures the doctor will want at least 15% normal.


Some men produce antibodies which cause sperm to clump together (agglutinate). Antibodies are often produced in response to an infection causing a man’s immune system to recognize his own sperm as a foreign body that needs to be destroyed.

Desired result – less than 10 units of antibodies in your total volume.

Stage 3: Treatment Strategy

Western treatments for this can include steroids with lots of side effects.

To avoid this, it is worth temporarily following an anti-inflammatory nutrition plan and taking a supplement such as Reishi Mushroom (one of a group of ‘adaptogenic’ herbs that are able to modulate your immune response).

If you’re feeling skeptical that’s fine! People often are because the results seem so unimaginable.

Read the next success story from an initially sceptical lady who is now a proud Mom.

Blocked Tubes and Low Sperm Count to a Beautiful Baby


Our journey with Radiant Wonder begun in 2007. My husband Stephane said to me: “Honey I was surfing the net today and I found this web site called Radiant Wonder about Chinese Herbs. I think we should call them.”

My reaction was “What on earth did you come up with now? Chinese Herbs? There is no way I am going on with this. No one is going to make me drink some concoctions I can’t even smell!” In retrospect, I had a very uneducated view on what the Chinese philosophy on health was all about.

The herbalist was so caring and kind…after five years of marriage we weren’t able to conceive…both my tubes were blocked and we were offered surgery or IVF as the only course of treatment left…we were devastated.

Amanda recommended that we toned down on physical activity, ate more greens and took some herbs she suggested. I thought: “That’s all? I can so do this! What about the Chinese potions I imagined?” However, we did not follow the treatment rigorously and lost touch with Amanda for a while.

In 2009, we reconnected and made the necessary changes for good. We started seeing noticeable improvements: my energy level increased, I bled less on my periods and my night’s sweats lessened.

Later that year the Dr confirmed that both my tubes were cleared! We were ecstatic! I was finally healed! My spouse also got tested out and his sperm were deformed and so weak that they could not even reach my eggs. Our only way out was through IVF.

We desperately phoned the herbalist and she informed us that the low sperm count can often be reversed because the body creates new sperms given some time and with good treatment, we were hopeful again.

Then early 2010 I started feeling very tired and nauseous. I did not even want to think that I could be pregnant since I had already taken so many pregnancy tests in the past and they all came back negative. But I was so sick that my husband insisted. Feb 14th was the day that will change our lives as we know it: the moment we saw two red lines (positive) on the test was one of the happiest day of our lives. Finally…after more than nine years waiting! We felt on our knees and cried like babies thanking God for this miracle.

On Oct. 4th 2011 we welcomed our precious daughter: Amaryllis-Victoria into our lives.

Thanks Amanda and staff for – you paved the path for us by believing in us when we didn’t believe in ourselves. You did not just carry us when we felt discouraged but you empowered us to take control of our health and change how we treat our bodies. We humbly wish to also encourage the so many couples out there still fighting the fight. Please don’t despair! Things can get better.

Maguy and Stephane A.

Toronto, CA

Eastern Treatment

Chinese medicine is able to improve the blood flow and clear away the sediment of old blood. Then your body can stop creating immunological protective mechanisms.

This allows your body to repair and relax so that conception can take place.

A Fertility Plan Designed Specifically For You

Your Men’s Fertility Plan will be designed specifically for you based on your own fertility health.

It will include a simple plan of a few herbal formulas and nutrient rich foods to add into your diet. These will be foods that are full of the vitamins and minerals needed by your growing sperm.

Sperm Respond Quickly to Help

Your sperm are growing so fast, every minute of every day that every three months you have a lot of brand new sperm to ejaculate. Because the growth rate is so rapid, your sperm respond quickly to the right help.

Our strategy is to teach you how to give your sperm exactly the food and the environment they need to develop successfully.

Be Forewarned

Once you start your Plan some of your growing sperm nearing their 3 month mark may start changing dramatically in 4-6 weeks.

We have had couples struggling for years to get pregnant who were shocked to find very soon after the man started his plan she because pregnant.

Healthier Sperm = Pregnancy in 5 Weeks!

Annie and John’s Success Story

We tried for 3 years with no success! A friend told us about Radiant Wonder just over a month ago.

We had talked with Julie. Julie always spoke to us in a gentle and kind manor and we didn’t feel like we were just a number. I always felt a sadness in me which Julie talked to me about.

My husband was always incredibly supportive even though he was struggling with male infertility.

For my husband, she sent Male Fertility Formula, Deer Antler and Balance.
For myself, she sent Super Fertility #5, Balance and Digest Ease #1.
Within a week of taking these herbs, we could see physical changes with my husband.

3 weeks later we found out that I was 5 weeks PREGNANT! This was the first month we started taking the herbs! We are extremely grateful to Radiant Wonder and to all those who left Success Stories before us. Thank you for what you do!

Annie and John R.

Portland, OR

What Have you Got to Lose?

You may

•  increase low sperm count
  increase your motility and
•  change the percentages for your morphology

There are even ways you may up your odds for seeing less antibodies, if you have them.

Prove this to yourself.