Endometriosis-Adhesions Three years ago Ruth and her husband had given up hope – today they have a big brother and a little sister – their family is complete.

Three years ago we were struggling to keep the dream of having a baby. I had been diagnosed with endometriosis and both my tubes were blocked. When the doctor did surgery on the endometriosis he said it was one of the most severe cases he had ever seen. Some of it was outside of the uterine wall. He also found two fibroids, one in the uterine wall, and one in the vagina. We did everything we could. I had surgery to remove the fibroid tumors and the endometriosis. I changed my diet. Then I had specialized abdominal massage therapy to help break up the more of the endometriosis and the adhesions. Afterwards we checked my tubes and it seemed as if they were open, but we still were not getting pregnant. I worried that my tubes were not really open and we both felt at the end of the line. We really felt we had lost all hope of having a family. It was so hard. Yet it was impossible for me to stay away from the internet to keep searching.

That was where I found Radiant Wonder. Why did I contact them? There was something about the site which made me feel these people were not just trying to sell products, and I was impressed I could talk with someone. The next day I called. I talked with my husband and we decided to try a program. What did we have to lose? Over the next few months, I could feel my body was changing. I had more energy, I felt calmer and happier and there were a lot of physical changes she had told me to expect. Whether I was to get pregnant or not I knew I was healthier and I knew my hormones were balancing.

Then just three months after starting my program, the impossible happened — I was pregnant! I delivered a beautiful and healthy baby boy, through C-section nine months later. As I held my little miracle baby in my arms, my husband had no words. We just looked at each other and smiled. Little did we know this was only the beginning of the miracles.

After the birth of our son I called Radiant Wonder again because I wanted to regain my health and strength. I was given dietary advice first and then a few herbal formulas were added. After a few months I felt really balanced again. We didn’t worry about getting pregnant again. For so many years it had been so impossible. I never thought of myself as being very fertile. We actually didn’t intend to try again for a while.

And then out of the blue I was pregnant again! So fast. It is a little crazy, having 2 children both under 3 years of age, but it is so worth it. I want to thank everyone at Radiant Wonder for helping me realize my dream of having a family.

Ruth M.

Diamond Bar, CA