This is an actual post made by someone who is taking the Premature Ovarian Failure Program but is still in the not-sure-if-it-will-work-stage.

I bought the program I believe about two months ago so I am still waiting for results. However, I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure at the age of 20. I took the prescribed medication for years but I did not feel that it was right and I just plain didn’t want to.

I began taking some supplements starting February of last year and I had a consistent cycle up until October and then it stopped. I have no clue why. I came across this site and decided to try it. My cycle did return after about a month of doing the Premature Ovarian Failure Program. With that being said, it is still fairly new to my body and if anything changes I will give an update. (Which is the reason for a 3 star. )   Elise (name is changed)

Hi Elise,

It is great that your body was able to bring back a cycle, but it wasn’t strong enough to maintain it.  Here is some more information about your cycle that you can use to evaluate your situation and make changes. Your cycle can stop for many reasons.  Read more here:

1. Big challenges. Studying hard for something. A new job. You need blood to get through the challenge, so the body will protect you and temporarily stop your cycle. 
Stress can be one reason. Stress depletes energy and raises Cortisol, we know all that. However, in the eyes of the ancient herbalists, it also does something else. It can block the good circulation of blood and energy. These are both critical for a cycle. 
We used to have a young woman working for us who, when she was a senior in high school, never had a menses. Why? Because she was so stressed and studying so hard to get into a good school. Stress tightens muscles and tight muscles inhibit normal blood flow.

Tools you have to change this: The combination of the herbal formulas and the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises, famous for relaxing and softening muscle tension in the whole body, will help the body recover and maintain balance.

2. You need to build more blood. You may not be anemic, but you may be blood deficient, so the doctor does not see a problem. You need blood for more than your menses.  If you work a lot with your mind,  you are not only burning protein like an athlete, you are also using more blood. If you run marathons you need to cut back temporarily to help the body have more blood to use for your menses.

Solution with tools you have right now: Follow the eating recommendations in your Fertility Plan. All customers are entitled to the free Radiant Wonder Plan, found in the free app.

Learn how to strengthen your digestion by cutting out cold foods and drink especially before 11 am. The digestive system manufactures your blood from the food you are eating. It also is a huge energy generator.

3. Not enough warmth. If you tend to chill easily, your body has to work really hard (burning more blood) to do its job.

Solutions: Again refer to the Fertility Plan. Get a belly warmer. Consider adding Cinnamon and Poria to your program.  Consider switching your foundation formula to Thinker’s Energy Tonic (best for you if the weather is hot) or Super Fertility #5 (cold weather formula.) 

4. Not enough energy (you need energy for healing.)

Solutions: Concentrate on digestion, the Radiant Eight, and consider adding one bottle of Complete Super Tonic to your program.  This formula is famous for both building blood and lifting energy. (Strengthens the Immune System, too.)

So don’t concentrate on “where is my cycle”.
Concentrate on these things you can change and start doing those!  Then look for what you might not even notice as big changes that tell you your body is getting back on the job.

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