The doctors say I have POF (Premature Ovarian Failure), I haven’t had a period in almost 4 years and I am 35 years old. I have been taking your POF formula for 2 months and still have no period. When will I get my menses? Shouldn’t I have one by now?

We published this….asked for help…and 16 women immediately responded. It blew us away.

This is such an important moment on anyone’s path.

This is the point where you either quit, or your focus expands. You truly understand the cycle is only one building block needed for a body that can get pregnant and hold a baby full term.

Here is (unedited) exactly what these women wanted to share.

And guess what? Two of these women were pregnant that same month!

from Cheryl….

“Your cycle will come…

You, dear lady, just rest and relax instead of looking for your period to start. feel your body, are u very tired? Your body needs sleep much sleep to lots!

How does the rest of you feel do u have energy? Can u feel a difference in your mood and your zeal for life? You are healing.

Also don’t worry about actually seeing the period enjoy feeling good each day ..each day you are healing but rejoice if it takes time your body is healing properly your body knows when it has extra blood to give.

Someday you will get it when you forget to watch for it because you are having so much fun feeling good!”

from Diana M…

“Natural healing takes time…

Since it has been four years since you had your last period, it will take some time for the formulas to properly regulate your hormones for you to have a period again. Natural healing of the body takes time. Two months probably is not long enough. Are you doing the rest of the program including the Radiant Eight Exercises as well?

You can know if the formulas are working by listening to other signs that your body is giving you, such as your energy level, mood, and quality of sleep. If there is improvement in areas like these, then you can take this as a sign that the formulas are working. The closer that we can listen to the signs that our body is giving us, the better that we can understand our bodies. My advice is that you stick with it and listen to your body as closely as possible. Any positive signs will give you the motivation to continue the journey.”

from Ester B…

“The different stages…

Your period hasn’t come yet because your body is still healing. Your body is blood deficient hence the lack of period. It takes a while for the body to heal from years of eating cold foods.

Continue with the program and do the exercises. With POF your focus should be getting rid of your hot flashes and building more body fluids. Then your next focus should be building blood for your period to come.”


from Keisha D…

“We all work at a different pace of time…

Hello. the advice I would give is first off when it comes to any type of products you use in life period it takes time and every one body works at a different pace of time. You have only been on the program for 2 months even though you don’t see a change that your menses haven’t arrived yet. Have you been paying attention to other changes in your body besides not getting your menses? Sometimes we only focus on the one change that we want to see, we don’t pay attention to all the changes that are happening to your body.

Are you following the plan that was sent to you also? It’s not only about taking the herbs it’s also about following the plan that was given to you and changing some ways you eat not all ways but some.

When it comes to our body it takes time to regulate sometimes we look at other people’s story and they may have seen faster changes but never compare yourself to others because we all work at a different pace of time.

With all being said you are healing just don’t put your main focus on not seeing your menses pay attention to everything and just stay calm through all of this because stress is no good when your body is healing.”

from Mia D…

“Focus on how you feel…

My answer to the lady who is asking is: Take your time. Don’t focus just on getting your period back.

Take the herbs, follow your fertility plan every day, focus on how you feel. If you start feeling better, just enjoy that feeling.

Keep searching for those little markers that tell you or give you a sign that your body is healing. Once your body is healed enough to release more blood, you will probably get your period back. Good luck.”

Effie Z…

“The cycle will come back…

It may take a while for her to get your menses back since it’s been 4 years since you had a cycle.

In addition to your taking the herbs consistently, if you’re not already doing so, I recommend doing the radiant energy exercises every day, the fertility massage for a week starting one week after the full moon (since you are not getting your cycle), drinking something hot in the morning, eating a hot breakfast, staying away for cold food or drinks especially before 11 am, not drinking with meals, but having a hot drink after the meal, eating cooked leafy greens 2-3x/day, eating slowly, doing the hot water detox once a week, wear a belly warmer (harimake) over a heat patch on the belly, going to bed before 11 pm.

Before getting your cycle, you will start to notice other signs of improvement, such as less hot flashes, increased cervical mucus and sexual fluids, energy will start to come back especially in the late afternoon, more calmness, better mood, etc.

Continue taking the herbs consistently and continue doing all the other things and eventually the cycle will come back.”

From Pravina D…

” There are many different reasons why we might not be getting our menses although we are taking the formula :

  1. Stress and anxiety is one of the most common reasons. Daily accumulation of stress can lead to missed periods.
  2. Might be a thyroid issue? Maybe get a blood test to understand what is happening..
  3. Too much exercise?
  4. Might need to review nutrition? Too much processed food can affect ovulation and maybe you might be anemic too.

To address the issue, on top of taking the herbs you could try the below :

  1. Have a healthy, nutritious diet with lots of real food, fruits and greens, dark leafy vegetables.
  2. Perform the Radiant 8 fertility massage and exercise (to reduce stress and increase fertility)
  3. Drink lots of water and do the hot water detox
  4. Eat fruits that induce periods e. G pineapple, papaya, watermelon
  5. Perform some physical exercise

From Anne D…

“Don’t give up…

I’m so glad you found Radiant Wonder, you are doing great things for your body by following Amanda’s program! Don’t give up! Please don’t stress. Two months is not enough to fix something that has been wrong for so many years. But trust me, your body is healing and responding to the herbs.

Are you doing the hot water fasting once a week, are you doing the radiant exercises daily or as often as possible and are you eating cooked greens?

Look for other signs of improvement in your body: are you feeling less stressed? More energy? Do you notice a cervical mucus? ( That might show up before you period come back) do you have hot flashes? Have they improved at all? Do you notice anything new or different in your whole body?

It is a good idea to email to check in every few months, especially at the beginning. They will answer your concerns and you might make some small changes for your next order!”

From Rosanna I…

“Sometimes we need to water the seeds…

Since your reproductive cycle has not been “in the flow” for quite some time (4 years), it needs proper time to restore to its natural state of well being. While you may not see your menses as of yet, rest assured the herbal formula is working in the background gradually restoring and revitalizing all areas of your reproductive function.

Sometimes, we need to water the seeds before the first sign of a flower breaks through the soil – we don’t see all the roots forming beneath the soil, but then suddenly up comes this beautiful flower that was watered daily. The same is true for your body. Keep watering the soil for at least another month or two, allowing your body to heal and then rest assured your menses will be knocking on your door.”

From Mekia R…

“Stressing out takes a toll on your healing…

With being on the POF herbal plan, you have to pay attention to the individual unique changes that will continue to occur within your body leading up to the expectations of having a period.

I’ve been on the same program for 3 months now, but I have noticed around the full moon of each month the little twinges in my ovaries, having cramps, having an ovulation day and so forth.

Remember that you stressing about not having a period takes a toll on the healing process as well and your body notices this. Celebrate the little things that you weren’t experiencing before. Joy and progress come with the small changes too!

When you become in tune with your body, and follow the fertility plan, you will notice the changes and steps towards having a period.”

From Kendra M…

“Know there are other people with you on this journey and your are in the right place with Radiant Wonder…

I also got stuck on when is my period coming etc but from all the information I have gathered sometimes, it seems it takes time for our bodies to build enough blood to have your monthly cycle. The absence of monthly cycles means your blood is being used elsewhere. There is not enough blood to do everything your blood has to do.

Your body has gone years without the nutrients it needs to regulate hormones and monthly cycles and rebuild blood. By adding the abundance of “food for your body” with Radiant Wonders supplements with time and by following the fertility checklist along with exercises I believe it will come back.

You almost have to let go of whether or not you are having a monthly cycle and just pay attention to how you are feeling, how your body is feeling, and start there. This is a journey of healing your body from the inside out… it can’t happen immediately. Wishing you the best and know there are other people with you on this journey and you are in the right place with Radiant Wonder.”

From Susan B…

“You just need the right nutrition…

Let me advise you from what I have learnt from Amanda over time. Lack of periods shows that there is deficiency of blood and energy. If the digestive system is weak and fatigued, then it can’t produce adequate amounts of blood.

You just need the right nutrition. So that your body can repair tissue, form blood cells and make hormones. Take these herbal formulas and eat foods that will help to build blood levels so that you get your menses, and a healthy menses.

You need to eat cooked green vegetables and proteins. However, POF comes with very many other symptoms: hot flashes, feeling tired, vaginal dryness, etc. When you take the herbal formulas, do the exercises and eat the right foods, most of these symptoms will start to disappear. Eventually, with the right blood and energy levels, the menses will come.”


From Ana S…

“Your hard work and perseverance will pay off when you get to finally hold your beautiful child in your arms…

I am so very sorry to hear about the challenges you are facing right now. My hear breaks for you.

I want you to know that your disappointment is valid. There is nothing more painful that facing obstacles in our path to motherhood. We are also very proud of you for taking your healing to the next level. I am sorry you are not seeing results yet, please know that every day you are bringing your body closer to reaching the goal you so desire.

By taking our blend of herbs you are giving your body the support and nutrition it so desperately needs. Unfortunately, it takes a bit of time to see positive results. We know by experience our blend of herbs have an accumulative effect, meaning you will see positive changes gradually as the herbs build up and bring balance to your body.

Please continue doing the Radiant Energy Exercises, the fertility massage and eating lots of cooked veggies and stews. Remember you are building the most warm and loving home for your sweet baby. Your body will surprise you when it finally lets you know is ready to welcome a precious life. Hang in there dear friend. You got this!

Your hard work and perseverance will pay off when you get to finally hold your beautiful child in your arms 💜”

From Tiffany C…

“The inquirer should remain calm and try not to stress out about not getting her period because stress could delay the issue further.

Try the complimentary daily exercises and add yoga into the routine as well. Drink plenty of room temperature water and eat a lot of cooked greens like, spinach, kale, green beans, broccoli, collard greens and asparagus.

Last but not least, try the hot water detox to get unwanted toxins out of your system. Stay diligent on taking the herbs as directed and you can always inquire about adding other herbs on conjunction with what she’s presently taking. which may assist with getting her period.

I followed all of the above advice that I just gave and finally got my period after several months. It’s not a normal period yet, but it’s a great start. Now I’m working on getting pregnant.”

From Andrea B…

“Utilize the power of your digestive system to build the highest quality blood…

You may not be having a period for a number of reasons:

A. Develop your digestive system with blood building foods. The digestive system is powerful.

B. Eat warming foods as well as cooked greens to start your day.

C. Relax and do a hot water detox and try not to rush through it.

D. Most importantly, you should do the radiant 8 exercises every day.

E. Eat high, very high energy foods.

F. Other things you can do are: the fertility massage, ear massage, alternate breathing massage and using a heat patch on your tummy.

The body will and can correct itself.”

From Sabrina C…

“No menses can mean your body is protecting you

The body is trying to build enough blood to release, it for a period… and build it to have the right amount of stores nutrition in its right places…. so it won’t release blood on a cycle to hurt the body and not have enough left for other important functions before it goes and wastes it through cycling it in a period; of that makes sense.

When the body has enough to use and protect its self, it will go ahead and release what it needs to release to ovulate for a period. The sign of not having a period it’s not a great sign but at the same time like I mention the body is perfecting it’s self to in a good way from not releasing blood if it’s not sufficient yet in other areas and so it holds off instead.

And signs of healing is when you don’t feel do cold all the time (babies like a warm home) your eating balanced like having a steady appetite, feeling normal energy flow like nothing is stuck, your hair is functioning great, your nails are growing great, your not feeling tired in weird ways ….you could sleep fully and through, your not having brain fog, and there’s many more……. but hopefully it’s understood…”

From Anna L.

“The subtle changes start adding up…

I have been on the POF program for 4 months now and even though I have not yet seen my menses return I definitely feel better.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the ‘where is the menses’ phase that you do not notice all the other positive changes that your body is already going through. When you take a step back you will realize as I did on the subtle changes for example change in the mood, better concentration, more cervical mucus and better sleep.

When I start to think about my menses I always remember what Amanda said which was that it has taken a long time for our body to lose all the vital energy due to life experiences and hardships and it will take a while to get it back. Just have a positive attitude, some hope and give your body time to recover.”

From Miriam B.

“My children…

I didn’t have a cycle for 8 years. A friend recommended Radiant Wonder. I now have two children, one in my arms and one 3 years old. it took me a year and a half before I was pregnant with my first child. The second child was so quick to appear. I was still breastfeeding. The doctors gave up on me. But Radiant Wonder never did. Don’t underestimate how the power of the herbs combined with the special techniques work.”