Polycystic Ovaries Program (PCOS)

Polycystic Ovaries

This can also be called polycystic ovarian disease.

If you have PCOS, you will have many small ovarian cysts. The cysts themselves are not harmful but they can lead to hormone imbalances.

You can have ovarian cysts on one ovary or both. If you have them on both ovaries then you have bilateral polycystic ovaries.

Why It’s Important for your Hormones to be Balanced

When your hormones are not balanced, it may cause issues with your periods which means that getting pregnant with polycystic ovaries can be difficult.

A hormone is a chemical messenger. Different hormones trigger different processes. A common task for a hormone is to cause the release of another hormone.

For example, your ovaries make a tiny amount of male sex hormones called androgens. If you have PCOS, your ovaries are triggered to start making more androgens than they should.

This can –

• Stop you from ovulating

• Cause acne

• Make extra hair grow on your face and body.

Other Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

The symptoms are usually mild at first and you may only have a few, or a lot. Symptoms other than those mentioned above may include –

• Weight gain (and difficulty in losing weight with pcos)

• Thinning hair on your scalp

• Irregular periods – it’s common for women with PCOS to have less than nine periods in a year. Some women have no periods at all

• Very heavy menstrual bleeding

• Depression

PCOS can feel like a devastating diagnosis but we have successfully helped hundreds of women who suffered with it, just like you.

Read Ramya’s Heart Warming Success Story of how we helped her to have her beautiful baby boy, Veer.

Three Doctors Gave Up On Me…

Thank you for all your guidance. We are now blessed with a baby boy. Here is a picture of me, my husband and our bundle of joy!

I just cannot express what Radiant wonder means to us – thank you for everything. Please keep up your good work! There are millions like me out there who would benefit from your kind services!!

My tube was blocked. Three doctors gave up on me. Besides the blocked tube I had PCOS, had irregular periods and out of balance blood work. I was so impatient. I was tired and frustrated with our situation. It had been going on for 10 years.

Actually, I lost hope. I had stopped all the medicines. Then a friend of mine said you should call this company. They are so positive and their energy is so good. There is a good and honest energy to this company. Just call them. Just go ahead. So I said, “ok, let me give a shot”.

That is the only thing that was in my mind. Let’s give a shot, last shot. No more medications. Nothing. This is the last thing I am going to try. And then I called.

I spoke to Julie and then boom, boom things started to change. And now I am holding our baby. I am so grateful to everyone at Radiant Wonder, especially Julie, Amanda and Marysa.

The Cinnamon & Poria, I think that must have helped me a lot. I was also taking Super Fertility #3 and the Digest Ease #1. All three together were amazing. I followed the whole program (food and other suggestions).

First I was so happy when my blood tests came in all normal. I was feeling so good.

And then I got pregnant.

How did I feel when I found I was pregnant? I was speechless. This has been so long for me. A ten years journey. And now I was pregnant. I took the pregnancy test twice and then I went to the doctor. They did the blood test.

And then they left me a voice message: “Hey Ramya, congratulations, you are pregnant!” My husband and I were so happy. Totally different world, and now I am holding our baby, Veer.

It means “strong and daring boy”.

We both are so happy. You can see in the picture how happy we are!


Greenfield, CT

Traditional Chinese Medicine Recognizes That Every Person Is Unique – This Is Vital In Treating PCOS

This can be a great advantage when you are working with something like PCOS because the symptoms can be so different for each individual woman.

For example, you and your friend (who also has PCOS) may both have annovulation…

(annovulation is the failure of the ovary to release ova over a period of time generally exceeding 3 months. The normal functioning ovary releases one ovum every 25–28 days) …and both have delayed menstrual cycles. These are common.

But here’s where you differ.

You may both have pain with your cycle.

For you, the pain stops when your cycle starts but for your friend, the pain starts with her cycle.

Perhaps you have cold feet and have lost interest in sex while your friend has premenstrual lower back pain and migraines.

A Chinese herbalist treats the root cause and your own individual symptoms so right from the beginning, you can start looking for specific, positive results.

How Chinese Medicine can Help PCOS

Chinese Herbal theory is based on the understanding of certain energies. So we would analyze your energies and how they are combined in you. Then we would help your body to rebalance using healing foods, herbs and energy exercises.

The Primary Energies – and which one is Most Common in PCOS?

The primary energies are

• Hot
• Cold
• Dry
• Damp

Your body contains a combination of all four.

However, if one of these energies becomes overactive it can affect the healthy balance needed to maintain vibrant health.

In PCOS, the most overactive energy is dampness.

If you tend to feel cold a lot of the time, it can aggravate the pattern of dampness. This is because cold slows down the movement of body fluid. Chinese Medicine recognizes that when your body fluid is not able to move freely as it should, the fluid can condense and create excessive dampness.

Because we understand that every woman is unique, we also check to see if your own overactive dampness is combined with other overactive energy patterns.

The Affects of Too Much Damp Energy

Dampness creates the sticky substance that can cover your eggs. Too much damp creates a lethargic flow of energy in your body and can affect ovulation. You may ovulate later in the cycle or not ovulate at all.

Why Your Liver and Digestive System Need Help When You Have PCOS

PCOS is also often combined with a resistance to insulin and difficulty in metabolizing glucose. It is also common to have too much estrogen and luteinizing hormone circulating in your blood. It is you liver’s job to metabolize these hormones.

It can really help to take an herbal formula to help the liver to be strong, healthy and to function efficiently.

It can also make a big difference to strengthen your digestive system as this helps our body to eliminate the excess damp energy.

We would recommend Restore Energy Plus and Liver Tonic 3000.

Calm Down Your Sympathetic Nervous System


It’s worth considering some acupuncture treatments, as they can really complement the herbal formulas you are taking.

In the 1990s there were studies done in Europe which showed that electro acupuncture restored ovulation in one-third of the test subjects.

This is because an over-reactive sympathetic nervous system can throw testosterone and beta-endorphin levels off. It can also affect prolactin and/or LH/FSH ratios.

Simple Exercises:

Medical Qi Gong is so effective at calming down your sympathetic nervous system that we used it to create our Radiant Eight Energy Exercises. These simple stretches take minutes to perform but can have a profound effect if done regularly.

Swimming regularly or doing yoga can also calm down your sympathetic nervous system and positively affect your hormonal balance.

Fertility Massage:

The Radiant Wonder Self Fertility Massage – This is very helpful for PCOS as you actually gently massage the ovaries at one point in the exercise. This Fertility Massage takes approximately 10 minutes. It is done during week 2, although depending upon the length of your menses it could be a short or longer length of time. Do the massage once a day after you finish bleeding (a little spotting is ok) but before you ovulate.

Did you know that most women with PCOS have endocrine abnormalities driven by their diet? You may be trying to conceive but no one may have told you how to eat to enhance your fertility. Our herbalists, who all hold a degree in Chinese Medicine, can help you with this Natural Treatment PCOS StartUp Program.