Oh My Gosh, Twins!  The story:

I am so crazy busy (and my husband too) with the twins that I haven’t had time to fully tell my story.  So I’m dictating it to Amanda now so she can share it with you.  I want every woman out there who thinks it is hopeless to read this.

I was in my mid 40s when I first found Radiant Wonder,  but my body’s age seemed much older. I had been through so many fertility treatments: 3 IUI’s, 3 IVF’s. One IVF was successful over a year ago and I became pregnant. It was a difficult pregnancy as I high blood pressure, and then I lost the baby after a couple of months. It was heartbreaking and it was debilitating. After that I got pregnant naturally and miscarried again.

The list of my main health complaints when I started with Radiant Wonder was: 1) infertility, 2) relief from constant stress, 3) hormonal imbalance, 4) energy, 5) clarity of mind. I rated her energy as a 6 in a scale of 1-10.   I had a difficult time getting up in the morning (after 8 hours of sleep), and I was very tired by 6:00 in the evening.

After all the fertility procedures I found that the flow of my menses was much lighter. I noticed I was chilled a lot more often than I used to be. My body was tired and exhausted from all the over-stimulation. No wonder I couldn’t hold a pregnancy

I began a program in taking products to calm my digestion and to rebuild my energy reserves, bring my adrenal system back on board.  I felt better almost immediately.

I  took the herbal formulas and followed the Radiant Wonder Fertility Program.  In only 3 months I went back in to test.

The is where the story gets very exciting. The first visit to the doctor after drawing my blood found my hormonal levels lowered. I was a candidate to participate in the reproductive stimulation once again. The doctor was surprised and pleased with the hormonal levels. I was thrilled. My husband and I decided to go for another IVF.  Amanda encouraged me to wait another 3 months, to give my body more opportunity to get even stronger, but my inner voice said ‘go’.  So Amanda said, “then go!”

The second thrill came a few days later after the eggs had been retrieved and they were getting ready to do the procedure. In the past whenever I had an IVF there would be exactly 8 eggs retrieved. Each time I was told the eggs “did not look good,” were “old”, and I was reminded of my”age factor” and my “diminished ovarian reserve.”  This time when I arrived the doctor and the nurses were lined up beaming. My doctor said I had my usual 8 eggs, but all were in very good shape. In fact, 4 of them were what he called “perfect.”

I had the IVF and am now pregnant with twins for two whole months. The blood pressure at one point was slightly elevated, but all is going well. My energy is good, my spirits are high and everyone is cheering.

P.S. 7 months later: 
The twins have been delivered! A boy and a girl. Full family in one package!

Nancy M.