Jan came to us over 2 years ago for fertility issues. She started the herbs, got very dramatic results within a few months as far as her health and energy were concerned but she had some big upheavals in her life.

She lost her father. Her mother came to live with her and she had to make those adjustments and her husband left his job to search for something better. She told me that there was not much time to even make love now adays, so she would just put the pregnancy dream behind. Both women said he same thing: ”I’m just going to leave it in God’s hands.”

Now ”all of a sudden” she is pregnant. After trying for a baby since she was in her late 20s, with a couple of miscarriages she is now pregnant at 44 — defying all the records. And she is a very happy woman.

”I know it is the herbs and the things you have taught me over the years. I am so healthy now. I was really going downhill when we first met, and now I am a different woman. You are right — I feel so much younger than I have for years. I guess the inside of my body is younger, too! I can not tell you how happy we are!”

Jan K.

Wisconsin, USA