Brain Tonic increases mental focus, aids memory, builds energy, and, as a side benefit, increases sexual vitality. The effects are cumulative. This formula is a perfect example of the sophistication of Chinese formula writing. It is an exquiste formula using the very best herbs for the brain.

Chinese Herbal formulas are very precisely designed. Brain Tonic is a formula of the highest level.

Simply, the formula is designed to nourish the brain, de-stress the mind, calm the nervous system and clear brain fog. This is a formula to make part of your daily herbal program and watch your thinking become clearer, your memory become sharper, and with the increased levels of oxygen feeding your brain cells, enjoy a mental flexibility that can not be missed.

This is one of the special formulas designed by Amanda and Russell Howell. They take this formula themselves daily.

brain health Reishi mushroom 1.) First, Nourish the Brain with Herbs Famous for Renewing and Rejuvenating the Mind

Ginseng, Ho Shou Wu, Polygala, Pseudostellaria, Alpina, Cordyceps, Reishi.

brain health gynostemma 2.) Second, Destress the Mind, and Calm the Heart

Gynostemma, Zizphus, Reishi.

brain health green grass 3.) Third, Clear Brain Fog, (“Release Phlegm) and increase oxygen supply to the brain

Curcumin (Tumeric), Bamboo, Acorus combined with Salvia, Gingko, Curcumin

This formula is in perfect balance, according to Radiant Wonder Program Logic.

It is chock full of Super Herbs and the core of the formula is four herbs addressing the three cornerstones of Chinese Medical Theory, Jing, Chi and Shen:


  • Yang Jing tonic (Cordyceps)
  • Yin Jing Tonic (Pseudostellaria)



Brain Tonic is one product that can be taken every day for life. It has so many multiple benefits for the whole body. Be sure to read about each ingredient. They are great for the brain and also support your overall health holistically. It is completely natural without any known negative side effects.