George has reported the following results from being on our program for 3 months.

His program consisted of 3 products: Cholest-X, Gynostemma & Stress Relief.

Before starting Radiant Wonder Program                                  Results after only 3 Program Months

Cholesterol                256                                                                                178

HDL                            78                                                                                  48

LDL                            171                                                                                108

Triglycerides                238                                                                                86


E-mail #1 from Alice D., George’s wife:

‘George had his cholesterol and triglycerides checked again last week. Our internist called him Monday with the results. She was astonished. He and I are delighted. Just thought you’d like to know. I gave the doctor one of your catalogues since she said she wants to learn more abut herbal remedies. How about that?’

E-mail #2 from Alice D.: ‘I’m amazed and impressed that our doctor called you. George and I have gone to her for years and we like her for her straightforward and no-nonsense manner. She’s a real minimalist, treatment-wise, will almost never prescribe antibiotics, and thinks that most common ailments should just be left alone to resolve themselves. I was once in her office when her phone rang and she picked it up to hear another patient complaining that she had a bad cold. The Dr.’s response? ‘Well, don’t come over here and give it to me!’ So, we like her. But I have never found her to be particularly open to or interested in non-traditional ways of approaching health and illness.’

George D.

Louisville, KY