Beautiful Hair is composed of herbs that have been used for thousands of years by Chinese royalty to promote the growth of beautiful, healthy and strong hair. The herbs in this formula nourish the blood and therefore provide increased circulation to these areas. The formula also removes toxins, stagnation and helps regulate hormonal functions. It is difficult to briefly describe the many benefits of this formula. Please refer to the remarkable ingredients included in the formula.

Beautiful Hair is one of the most striking beauty features a woman or man can possess. Healthy hair, like the skin and nails, requires internal nutrition in order to flourish. The Chinese have long known about certain herbs that nourish the hair.
Radiant Wonder has based the herbal formula Beautiful Hair on a botanical alternative medicine formulation which contains a blend of 13 all-natural herbal extracts for effective support in maintaining healthy hair.

Our hair is one of our most prominent features, yet it is among the most mistreated. Dyes, hair dryers, styling, and over-washing all take its toll on our hair health. Even if you don’t ”over treat” your hair, the day-to-day effects of the sun, pollution, and the natural aging process all add up to hair that loses its vitality, luster, and vibrancy. Beautiful Hair is a healthy, natural solution to counteracting the side effects of overworked, mistreated hair, and restore hair to its natural healthy condition.

Beautiful Hair is ideal for dry, lifeless hair. It will add luster, thickness and strengthen your hair. It also helps to control male baldness and stop female hair thinning and balding. It will help grow stronger and healthier hair all over the scalp, including the hairline. It also supports healthy skin and nails.


  • All natural, safe herbal ingredients.
  • Proven effectiveness.
  • Supports healthy hair.
  • Rejuvenates damaged hair.
  • Counteracts the effects of overuse.
  • Provides naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.
  • Guaranteed results with no negative side effects.

Stress Hair Loss:

If you believe stress is a major component in your hair loss, add another Radiant Wonder formula called Balance. Balance is primarily used to aid in nutrient absorption and to enrich the blood. It helps in relieving fatigue, irritability, and insomnia that can occur due to blood deficiency. It is an important harmonizing agent, it regulates the smooth flow of energy, helping to improve digestion and relieve tension. Balance can produce very good results when hair is thin, dry and brittle, or when hair loss happens after childbirth, chemotherapy or an operation.

What Causes Hair Loss:

Good health depends on the free flow of energy and blood throughout the body. Healthy hair depends on an abundant flow of nutrient rich blood to the scalp and hair roots. Without such nourishment, hair will suffer.

Nourishment depends on:

  • Quality of blood
  • Blood Deficiency can be caused by dietary, digestive, or other factors. If the blood lacks nourishing components, certain vitamins may help, but the best remedy is He Shou Wu, also known as Fo Ti, or polygonum multiflori, or fleece flower root.
  • Freedom of flow
  • Stress and emotional constraint restrict the flow of energy and blood. Constraint in the chest, neck, shoulders, face and head restrict this flow to the scalp and hair. Massage and relaxation techniques can help restore this flow. If the tightness you feel is in the upper body a wonderful formula you can add to enhance the effectiveness of Beautiful Hair is the formula Free Easy Energy can help relieve tightness in the chest.
  • Health of the vessels:
  • The size, diameter, and health of the tiny blood vessels that conduct nourishment to the hair can play a part. Genetic factors (male pattern baldness), as well as acquired factors can weaken the blood vessels that supply nutrients to the hair and skin.

It’s happening:

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, two out of three men will suffer from some form of baldness, as will one out of four women. The cause can be hereditary, as in the case of male or female pattern baldness, or environmental, such as sun damage or too much time in the chlorinated water at the local pool.

Do not despair. You can do something about it. Beautiful Hair, while not a cure-all, can make a dramatic difference that can help improve self-esteem in a person

The Chinese way:

It’s not that a switch goes off and our hair starts falling out at a certain time in our lives. If the hair is nourished with the right nutrients, with herbs and with food, we can protect it against the ravages of modern life. Hair is very responsive to a high quality diet and the right herbs.

One of the most famous Chinese herbs, Ho Shou Wu (Polygonum multiflorum), has long been revered as a tonic for the hair. In fact, the Chinese believe it can restore the original color of hair. While we cannot guarantee that, we do know that it retards hair graying and thinning.

Ho Shou Wu is as famous as Ginseng in China and actually taken by more people. It not only nourishes the hair but is a well known longevity herb that brings longer life and better quality life. Ho Shou Wu is considered both a blood and jing tonic. According to Chinese theory, deficiencies in either can cause hair loss and premature graying.

Beautiful Hair can work to minimize the effect of, say, thin, fragile blood vessels. There are special herbs in the formula such as Cnidium which have been shown to help increase blood circulation to the scalp.

And, even if your hair does not turn back to its original color, the quality of life can be improved. One of the common benefits of Chinese medicine is that, often, one will begin treatment for one ailment, and find other aspects of their health improving. This is because the herbs are actually food the body uses to rebuild and renew. One could take Ho Shou Wu for premature hair loss and find that their sexual fluids increase, or that they get an erection more easily or they feel younger or they feel more energetic. These are other benefits documented with clinical experience and scientific studies attributed to the ingredients in this amazing formula.

Remember, hair health, like overall health, depends on attention to proper nutrition and to overall cell health. At the very base, the root of hair loss is deficiency. Make sure you have yourself covered. Make sure that you are getting the basic nutrients. Support your hair with your diet.

If for no other reason than it feeling good, massaging the head is great for your hair. We recommend massaging your head to stimulate energy flow. It is good too deeply stimulate the cells because there are nerves attached, and you can stimulate blood flow to the hair follicle. It is an organ. It is alive. You want it to stay that way. Your hair can be beautiful and strong again.

A final piece of fun trivia…….Color by the numbers

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, natural blondes might not really have the most fun, but they do have the most hair on average: 140,000 hairs per head. Brunettes come in second with 105,000 hairs on average, followed by redheads at 90,000 hairs. However, redheads are in the lead when it comes to hair thickness their strands are more than twice as thick as blonde hair.