The Herbal Remedy Formulas


The third class of herbs is the Herbal Remedies. These are formulas to treat specific blockages to the free flow of energy that cause stagnation. Stagnation of energy causes a variety of ailments, such as colds, flus, allergies, skin problems, constipation, and headaches, to name just a few. Herbal Remedy Formulas are designed to clear that blockage. These formulas are very specific.


Pain & Circulation Support Formulas


Herbal healthcare operates under the belief that all pain, and eventually all disease, is the result of stagnation — or an interruption in the free flow of energy and blood in the body. The root cause of stagnation can be attributed to insufficient rest, traumatic experience, stress, lack of or excessive exercise, and general weakness due to old age. Each person holds this tension and stagnation in different ways, depending upon an individual’s makeup, lifestyle and emotional circumstances. Typical examples of physical stagnation include headaches, back and neck stiffness and pain, muscle cramps, spasms, abdominal cramps, angina, and menstrual pain. The following formulas are used to alleviate pain as well as the root causes of stagnation, and can bring lasting relief.


Detoxification & Cleansing Formulas


Purification of the body and mind is a critical element in the Radiant Wonder Healthy Living Programs. The following products help purify toxins from your whole body so you’ll feel renewed, clear and healthy. Digestive impurities, chemicals, toxins from the air and water, and stress accumulate in your body faster than it can deal with them. Toxins can be carried for years. They disturb the liver, circulation, nutrition, elimination, blood, muscle and fat tissue. Even if you have a healthy diet, you’re still carrying around a load of toxins. When these toxins interact with your body’s organs, it causes reactions that can lead to disease. The formulas described below, used wisely, can make you feel like new.


Cold, Flu, & Allergy Formulas


The purpose of these herbal formulas, which have been used successfully and safety in the Orient for many centuries, is to treat a broad spectrum of everyday illnesses ranging from the common cold to allergies and fevers. These formulas have no harsh side-effects, as are sometimes found with synthetic pharmaceutical products. You should note that, with the use of natural remedies for cold and flu symptoms, the sooner you start taking them the more effective the results will be. There is a wide variety of cold and flu formulas which attest to herbalism’s sophisticated grasp of the numerous presentations of these conditions. No two colds are exactly the same. Below are a number of formulas to assist you in getting through these unpleasant situations.


Skin Clearing Formulas


Skin eruptions are usually caused by an overreaction of the body to some, often mild, influence (sometimes the effect can be caused by food). If this reaction is balanced by the appropriate herbal formula the results are very effective.