Also special rescue to use during long rehearsals, and deeply nourishing formulas to bring a dry, raspy voice back to full power.

Chris Bennett Jazz Singer/pianist — Grammy nominated singer/songwriter

As a professional singer for over 30 years I can’t say enough things about Precious Voice! There is nothing scarier for a vocalist than to wake up hoarse and unable to hit the “high notes”. I have found that when that happens I need only to take 2 of the capsules and in a few hours my voice miraculously returns!

Once I really strained my voice to the point of not being able to speak at all and had to leave for a tour of Europe the next day. I was terrified I wouldn’t be able to do my concerts, but once again Precious Voice came to the rescue! I took them when I went to bed that night and the next morning my voice was back.
Now if I have a strenuous rehearsal I take Precious Voice as a precaution to insure that I will be able to sing the next day. I have recommended it to all of my singer friends and they love it as well. Thank you Radiant Wonder for a wonderful product that I will NEVER be without!

~ Chris Bennett,

You are a singer. You know your body is your instrument. We have special herbal formulas which can give you an extra edge in the practice room, the audition, in the performance.

Singing is such an amazing profession, and when you’ve got it right you soar.

Young girl embracing nature You know what you need:

  1. Your talent and your strong desire.
  2. A great teacher. A teacher who teaches real support for the voice.
  3. A strong immune system to keep your voice consistently strong.
  4. A fast and sure rescue plan to help your voice if it is overtaxed.

(We can help with numbers 3 and 4)

We have many professional singers who depend on our products. Why? Because they really work. The special attention of Amanda Howell, who once sang professionally, has helped. She has an intimate knowledge of what the singer needs. Amanda understands the security that comes with knowing your can depend on your voice to be there when you need it.