Joe’s Cholesterol was over 300 before he called us.

He was having a very hard time changing his diet. Joe was a real dedicated meat and potatoes man. He had exercised a lot earlier in his life, but hadn’t done much physical activity for 15 years.

Joe tried Lipitor and had very bad reaction. He had tremendous muscle pain and weak- ness, which is a common side-effect of Lipitor. He stopped Lipitor and, after trying a number of other natural remedies without much success. He then called Radiant Wonder. After working with a Radiant Wonder herbalist, he started getting results. In the beginning he made no changes in his diet. He started The Radiant Eight Energy Exercises and a full program of Cholest-X, Energy Boost and Gynostemma.

The next time the doctor tested Joe, his cholesterol had dropped 25 points to 275. At this point he got motivated. He went over his diet with his Radiant Wonder herbalist. She really helped him get started on how to substitute certain foods in his diet so he didn’t feel like he was on some kind of torture diet. He joined the gym and started exercising only 30 minutes, 4 days a week, on the treadmill. He also continued doing the Radiant Eight Exercises in the morning. ‘Long story short – here I am 2 years later, feeling better than I have in 20 years. I am now only taking the Cholest-X maintenance program. I still have my meat, but I am enjoying other foods, too.

My last cholesterol reading was 175. I want to keep it that way. What I really appreciated was the personal help I got from my herbalist, Amanda Howell. I was really scared when I had that reaction to the Lipitor. She took extra time to go beyond selling me a product. She actually gave me a personalized diet program that didn’t cost anything other than the food I bought at the supermarket. This gradually put me where I wanted to be. In this case it was ‘no pain and great gain!’ I am totally dedicated to keeping my exercise program up and my cholesterol down.’

Joe H.

Sacramento, CA