man sitting on mountain top looking over lakeview The difference between the Western medicine or Chinese medicine approach to headaches

The Western solution is to find a drug to lessen the headache.

The Eastern approach is to not only lessen the headache, but to analyze what is causing it and this takes skill.

Why does it sound so complicated?

It sounds complicated if you don’t know what you are looking for. A person thoroughly trained in the Traditional Chinese Medicine is looking for patterns, and those patterns will lead her to the right answer.

Chinese Medicine identifies 15 different types of headaches. As examples, you may have a headache in the back of the head, sinus headache, headache with nausea, headache behind the eyes, frontal headache. Some headaches are sharp and piercing, some are dull and achy.

Headaches may be occasional, but when they are chronic and you are looking for natural solutions, you want to have a plan.

So when you tell us you are looking for natural solutions for headache relief, can you see why telling us about your particular type of headache is so important?

Mapping the Stress Points

Where the headache is located on your head can be a significant clue for finding the root cause of your pain.

For example, if your pounding headache is located in your forehead, it is most likely related to your stomach. If the headache is in your temples then your gallballader energy is imbalanced. If it is a skull buster on the top of your head, it points to the liver or kidney system; the back of the neck, the bladder.

How is she determining which organ system is involved?

There are energy meridians (freeways of energy) that flow through your body according to specific pathways. The Chinese call these energy meridians. The ancient herbalists mapped their pathways. Most of the flow is close to the surface of the body, and then the pathways dive deep into the body and connect with certain organ systems. We are checking your pain against this map.

Once you locate the root cause of the problem, you can implement special energy exercises (medical chi gong exercises), herbs, and some healing foods. It is a more complete approach and one that leads to more vibrant health for your whole body.