‘When I first found Radiant Wonder, I felt a sense of hope. They did not pretend that they were going to cure my Hepatitis, but I started an herbal program which research has demonstrated can bring down the inflammation and help regenerate the liver. I was encouraged me to follow my doctor’s instructions and keep him posted on what I was doing with my herbs. My doctor wanted to put me on Interferon. I have a friend who took it. The side effects were awful. After two years of treatments he had aching joints and muscles, headaches, extreme fatigue, depression and thyroid problems. He didn’t feel better. He felt worse.

I first called Radiant Wonder in November, 1999. I had a blood test at the end of December. It was then that my doctor wanted me to go on Interferon. I told him I’d rather take herbs. In late June of this year I went back for another blood test — I got the results back with big red stars (GOOD NEWS) from the doctor next to the important numbers. He was amazed. I am not cured, but I feel great, and empowered with a lot of information and results. I’m no longer afraid. I want to say that the trust I felt at Radiant Wonder, from the very beginning felt real. And that trust has grown over time.

Edward H.

Miami, FL



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