My name is Nicole. I have had Herpes 2 infections going off and on for 3 years. The doctor would give me strong antibiotic drugs. They had a horrid taste. And, you couldn’t drink any alcohol (not that I drink much or often). These drugs made me feel nauseous. The drugs would get rid of the itching, discharge and odor for about a week and then everything always came back. I was always trying to find an alternative, or at least something that would keep me away from the antibiotic drugs longer. I took a chance trying your products. The testimonials on the site made me seriously consider it. My opinion always has been that herbs have the potential to work better because treat not just symptoms but the underlying condition.

So I called and talked with an herbalist at Radiant Wonder about how to treat my infection. She told me about the product, Clear Simplex #2. In just a few days of using the product, most of my symptoms were gone!!! I had no itching, or weird discharge, or smell!!! I was so surprised. Itching and the odor went away in just a day or two. Discharge went away a few days later. As soon as everything had disappeared for a couple of days I stopped taking the product and put it up on the shelf. Now it is almost a week and it has not come back. I am beyond ecstatic!!

I just wanted to let you know how amazing this product is!!! It works fast, and has no nasty side effects like doctor prescribed antibiotics. Thanks for designing this wonderful product!!! I would also like to give a thumbs up for the formula Cinnamon & Poria. It has totally changed my menses. They are not as heavy and not as clotty as it used to be. I stopped passing those huge painful clots and even the cramps have eased up a bit. You may use my testimonial, but I would like my name and location changed (for obvious reasons!). Thanks.

Nicole B.

Madison, WI



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