High-FSH-Levels-to-BabyAmanda, Sorry, it took me a long time, but here is my story with Radiant Wonder.

Three years ago my husband and I were blessed with our wonderful son. He was conceived through just one round of IUI. We were sure that our fertility issues (low sperm count) were over when 9 months later I got pregnant again. But the problems just started. That and the following pregnancy ended up in miscarriages leading us back to the fertility clinic searching for answers.

The doctors diagnosed me with reduced ovarian function (high FSH) and gave us 10% chance that IVF will work. In addition to that, my husband’s sperm count got even worse. Disappointed, but not ready to give up. We decided to turn to alternative methods to improve our chances. My husband started taking something (Ho Shou Wu) to increase sperm count. I found your web-site and was very impressed by all the information published there. I have started taking Balance, Super Fertility #2, and Stress Relief blends in August. In January, I found out that I was pregnant again. Three weeks ago I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl. We are very thankful to Radiant Wonder for our little miracle.

Yana E.

Atlanta, GA



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