Hormonal-Acne-Gone Hi Amanda!

Recently received a message from one of your assistants stating that you would like to get an update on how I’m progressing under my current program. Sorry it’s taken a while to respond. Anyhow…I’m doing very well…adjusting to life as a new Mommy!  Thanks to Radiant Wonder.

If you recall, I developed terrible acne during the end of my pregnancy, and it only seemed to worsen after Allison was delivered. I began using Acne Remedy, along with Harmony, and I’m happy to report after using the combination for only a short time, I had no new breakouts and have not had any since. My only issues now are the scars left behind and continuing to prevent new breakouts. I’ve learned that my diet has a LOT to do with my complexion, so I’ve nearly regained my discipline related to healthy eating….only fresh/frozen veggies, limited high fat/sugar foods, no red meat/pork, I eat lots of salmon and other seafood, drink lots of water. Oh….and I’ve started doing the energy exercises again…I can definitely feel the benefits.

My menstrual cycles have returned to normal…I’m still nursing for the time-being with plans of beginning weaning in the next few months. I was taking a combination of Cinnamon & Poria, Free Flow, Ho Shou Wu, and Super Fertility #2 following my pregnancy. My periods are lasting 5-7 days. Flow is normal and a very bright vibrant red…which I know is a good thing. I am not nearly as clotty now as I was following my pregnancy. I still notice some clotting now, but the clots are not very dense…usually dissolving on contact with water. My stools are ok as well (just in case you were wondering). I usually go at least twice per day. They are usually soft.

Trying to think of something else. Oh….my moods have been pretty good. I’ve noticed that on evenings when I do the energy exercises, the morning after, I’m bouncing off the walls….so that’s a good thing. Being able to de-stress with those exercises in the evenings has been great, and very necessary, as it seems Mommy is always in high demand. It’s rare that Mommy has time to cater to just Mommy ;-).

I’m currently taking/recently placed an order for Acne Remedy, Harmony, and Ho Shou Wu as I would like to continue working to clear my complexion, and I also like the benefits of the Ho Shou Wu. Since I’m not having any issues with my cycles, and to save a little money, I’ve decided to discontinue using the Cinnamon & Poria, Super Fertility #2 and Free Flow for a while. If I notice a negative change in my cycle over the next few months I’ll likely resume taking them. If I forgot to mention something, please let me know. Oh…as usual I’ve been dropping your name, along with Radiant Wonder, and telling my success story to quite a few people who I really hope take advantage of what you have to offer. Hope to hear from you soon!

Angela A.

Colorado, USA