The Radiant Wonder formula A Woman’s Treasure is a modern Chinese formula (developed in the 1950s) called Er Xian Tang.  It has been used successfully since in the clinic for the treatment of menopausal mood swings, hot flashes and to protect the body against bone loss (osteoporosis). (Evidence Based Complimentary Alternative Medicine Journal 2012).

Now a team from the University of Hong Kong has conducted controlled clinical studies on this herbal formula. The results are exciting, demonstrating a reduction in menopausal symptoms and clear preventative activity against osteoporosis.


Hot flashes reduce in frequency and severity.

Conclusion for the study with menopausal symptoms:  ‘’The Chinese herbal formula Er Xian Tang is superior to placebo in reducing the frequency and severity of hot flashes and in improving menopausal symptoms in Hong Kong perimenopausal women. It is well tolerated, with no serious adverse events noted during the study period.’’ (Menopause. 2013 Feb 25)

(Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2012)


The key elements needed to avoid bone breakdown are increased.

Postmenopausal osteoporosis is believed to be associated with ovarian hormone deficiency and is by far the most common cause of age-related bone loss. With the reduction in estrogen levels, there is an increase in bone breakdown relative to bone formation, microarchitectural deterioration, and decreased bone mass. To study the antiosteoporotic activity of Er Xian Tang, a research group from Shanghai China studied the herbal formula and its key constituent, Epimedium herbs (Yin Yang Huo) on rats whose ovaries had been removed.

The study found that Ex Xian Tang  emulates estrogen, and significantly contributed to bone density and architecture.  The fact that Er Xian Tang  is similar to estrogen and exerts a concomitant effect on bone formation and bone reabsorption at the tissue level. Also the Er Xian Tang treatments manifested fewer adverse effects on the uterus, mammary gland, and vagina compared to the standard (Hormone Replacement Therapy) estrogen administrations. Er Xian Tang was found to have superior efficacy and safety profile.  (Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2012)


Original research published in the NIH (National Institute of Health)