Stay-Young-and-Beautiful I aged for 10 years and then in a few months I got my youth back, thanks to Radiant Wonder.

Gone: Night sweats, heart palpitations, weight gain, potential vaginal atrophy, dry scaling skin and eyes, 3 ovarian cysts, acne, anxiety, depression and brain fog. I could add more to this list.

Renewed: Ample sexual fluids, returned menstrual cycle (after one year of not having a cycle), a good night’s sleep every night, beautiful skin, some weight loss, clear thinking and focus, and a sense that good things are in store for my health and future, and that I have the tools and the power to change the direction of my health. My husband and I have a beautiful baby boy born June 2003. When I was 35 we started trying to have another child. It ended up to be a nightmare. I felt like I aged 10 years between 35 and 41. And now at 41, in just a few months, my youth has returned. I have tried to be at peace with the possibility of not having another child, but now I think I am beginning to hope again. Maybe we have more miracles in store for us. My menstrual cycle was all over the place that I could never predict my ovulation cycle.

My family doctor was not helpful. She kept telling me that I had anxiety issues and needed to relax and that I was depressed. I was frustrated more than anything that she was not listening to me. I kept telling her that I had missed periods for months at a time or they would last sometimes up to 6 weeks. Very irregular. I was experiencing night sweats, heart palpitations, and weight gain for no reason, dry skin and acne. I asked her if it could be menopause she told me I was fine that it was stress and anxiety. Had blood work done and everything was normal.

She would not send me to a fertility specialist. When I was 38 she referred me to an OBGYN because they found fibroids and cysts on my ovaries. I was told not to worry other than that I was in good health and ovaries were OK. She put me on Clomid for 9 months with still no luck of pregnancy. In between this I went to my family doctor complaining of stomach pain and it showed I had H-Pylori and was treated with 2 months of intense antibiotics. My OBGYN then referred me to a Fertility clinic at age 40 who now tells me I am in menopause and in ovarian failure with very high FSH of 193 and very low estrogen. I should go and adopt or consider an egg donor. I said ‘what do you mean? Just 6 months ago my gynecologist said ‘You’re fine.’ He told me to calm down.

So I went home and started Googling on the internet and I found Radiant Wonder and that was that. Starting June 4, 2010 I started taking Calm Digestion, Digest Ease #1 and Peony and Licorice. At that time I was having trouble digesting the food, so I had gas and bloating and never had regular bowel movements.

I felt terrible: hot flashes, night sweats – everything about me was dry and hot. I was desperate. I started doing everything. I had a bowl of cooked greens everyday. I did the Hot Water Detox. I did the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises. I also stopped dairy (which Chinese theory suggests can encourage cysts). And, of course, I took my herbs every day. Three months later my tummy is calm now, I am having regular bowel movements, I don’t have any night sweats, and I have very few hot flashes. Something else: I had had 3 cysts – a large one and a cluster. All are gone. My doctor had explained to me that every woman creates cysts with her cycle and normally your body flushes them out during menses. I had tests done to rule out ovarian cancer. She thought it might be PCOS. She put me on hormones and they shrank, but then I stopped menstruating. I had anther ultrasound done after taking herbs for 3 months and cysts were all gone.

Then I started taking Stress Relief and Super Fertility #2 at this point. I was already so happy with what had happened, but this next level was just amazing, amazing results. Most of the hot flashes were almost completely gone, but now they completely disappeared. Before they had been 10-12 a day. It was embarrassing because I was at work and my face would be red all the time. I was literally drenched in sweat. It looked like I had had a shower.

After the initial 3 months on the herbs the hot flashes were only every now and then only when I got stressed or had overexerted myself. It was amazing. The clarity. I didn’t have any brain fog. Still at the point I started the Stress Relief and Super Fertility #2 I was feeling somewhat tired and no energy, but as soon as I started this new program I was sleeping great. Before that I could not fall asleep at all. I had full insomnia. Literally, within a week of being on that routine it was a day and night change. An NO vaginal dryness. I mean like nothing. My husband and I were SO happy! Then I added in the Spirulina to up the blood building.

My cycle returned! Only six months. I started working with you the beginning of June and my cycle came in November. The first time in almost a year. I got my cycle in November and I had not had a cycle since October of last year.

Everything has just fallen into place. It is so amazing. I’m just so thrilled. The period was so easy and so natural. I had the regular light PMS, I could feel it coming on. Also, my skin is no longer dry and scaly. All the moisture came right back. I aged in 10 years and then in a few months I got my youth back. Honestly I had horrible dry skin. It was dry and peeling. Even my eyes were affected. My doctor said I had vaginal atrophy because I was so hot and dry and everything would shrink because all of the moisture is gone. This was in May of last year. I will be seeing my doctor again soon because when she saw me last summer we made a 6 month appointment so she could see how I am doing on the HRT. The HRT I never took. It will be fun. She is actually very supportive. It was the Reproductive Endocrinologist who was so cold and cruel. My FSH was 193 last year. So I will have her do a hormone panel and see where things stand. I think it will be interesting to see where things stand. I know for a fact she will be shocked at whatever the numbers are now. So thank you!

Erika H.

Surrey, UK