I am a Rabbi(and a mother) and I have so much to do and so many people to care for that it has always been very important to me to eat well, get to the gym regularly and basically follow all the rules for taking care of myself. I enjoy the feeling of being in charge of my life and doing the best I can with what I have been given. I am also very Western oriented. I make sure I am healthy by seeing my doctor regularly to make sure nothing is wrong. This is the way I think of myself, but when I turned 51 every changed suddenly.

The symptoms of menopause did not come slowly. I got them all at once. All of a sudden I had no energy on the treadmill, my workouts did not give me more energy, they made me more tired. I started having lots of hot flashes. I was dry every where and had no interest in sex. My period stopped. And perhaps the worst was the moods swings. This was hard on my husband and also I really had to struggle to act normal with my synagogue staff. I saw the doctor, and was offered HRT. I am very sensitive to drugs. I had tried a cholesterol drug a year before and ended up with severe leg cramps and weakness.

I had found Radiant Wonder then and getting off the Lipitor and onto Cholest-X worked like magic. Within a few months all the negative side effects of the Lipitor had disappeared. My cholesterol came down more faster than on the Lipitor. My doctor was amazed. I was hesitant to go on the HRT because I had friends who had had side effects and I also knew the cancer risk. So I called Radiant Wonder. I started taking Super Nourishing (a lot of it) and Stress Relief. I did their exercises every day. With their advice I made a few other changes. I stopped exercising at night, drank coconut water, stopped drinking iced drinks (which at first seemed really odd). I started doing the exercise DVD that came with the program. Compared with the gym these exercises seemed like nothing. But I so desperately wanted things to change I was dedicated to doing them every day.

I would have hot flashes in the middle of the exercises. Within the first month the hot flashes started to be less. They were not gone, and at night they still raged, but there were less embarrassing moments when I was in the middle of a conversation with someone and would get red and start to sweat!

The mood swings started to shift almost right away. And probably that was my most important issue. It is hard to feel so out of control. I started having less and less emotional swings and I had tools to use if they started to get bad: take another couple of the herbal formulas, but also do one of the exercises off and on during the day. And one of her breathing exercises helped a lot. Once a day I fit in the Wave of Relaxation exercise, which only takes 5 minutes. Amanda told me when I started sleeping better at night things would speed up. That was a gradual accomplishment, but once I started getting a good night’s sleep things did improve faster. The mood swings and hot flashes are completely gone now. They would disappear and the show up again off and on for about 6 months. Then they disappeared completely.

During this time I regained my interest in sex (a good thing!) and my mood swings are a thing of the past. I am on a minimal maintenance herbal program. And the best thing is that I actually have more energy than I have had in years. I honestly feel a lot younger than I am. It is now 2 years later. Still no issues. My period even returned after a year for about a year and then gently disappeared. I want to continue a basic program just to keep this feeling of feeling so much healthier and younger. I am so glad I went this route.

I have friends who had been on HRT, then told to get off after some years and are right back in their hot flashes with no alternative from their doctor. I have learned so much from this journey, so much about my body and what helps me feel best. I enjoy what I do so much and I will never forget the way Radiant Wonder is always there for me. I feel all the women there are family to me now.

Laura Y.

Greenwich, CT