Remedies-for-Menopause I had given up hope for having a life without severe menopausal symptoms.

I have had the most horrendous fight with the hot flashes of menopause. It started when I had ovarian cancer. After the treatments I started having really bad hot flashes. I was offered synthetic HRT, but refused it as I wanted to do try something more natural.

So I tried natural progesterone cream. It helped for a while, but the help did not last. So I went to a Naturapathic doctor and got compounded hormones, which seemed to be a more natural alternative to the regular HRT. This worked for a about 3 months. I was in heaven. Then things started to fall apart. My moods swung up and down, the hot flashes started returning.

The worst thing, as all women who experience this know, was the fact that I could not sleep at night. I never ever got a good night’s sleep. I knew this was feeding into the problem, but I simply could not bring the flashes down enough to sleep. I succumbed and tried Ambien in desperation. I still awakened drenched in sweat off and on all night. I was getting so dry. Vaginal dryness, skin was dry, eyes were dry, throat was dry. It was hell. And I was so fatigued, easily irritated and felt stuck in a rut. There would be some relief as the doctor re-compounded my hormones, but it never lasted more than a few months. We went back and forth and then I just gave up.

I just figured there was something so wrong with me that I would never ever feel myself again. Here I had conquered cancer to be left with this!

A friend of mine who has been through the change for some years encouraged me to contact Radiant Wonder. I never did. Finally, seeing me suffer so much, Michelle asked if she could give the company my name and let them reach out to me. I said okay. At this point I was so miserable it was difficult to reach out and do something proactive.

I didn’t really believe they could help me. They may have helped women for 15 years, but I was very convinced I was a case which could not be cracked. But I wanted to know about these herbs.

After learning more I started on a program. In the beginning I was taking a lot of some of the formulas. Within that first month my hot flashes were still pretty bad, but there were pockets of time when they got better. I noticed more vaginal fluid, not much, but an improvement. I felt a little more energy. I wasn’t satisfied, but I was encouraged.

These results became more and more noticeable, and now, 6 months later, I am becoming a completely different woman. I have lost some weight without trying. I am sleeping at night. My hot flashes are almost totally gone! I have more moisture in all the right places. I’m only on one herbal formula right now. I appreciate not only feeling more normal again. There is a sense of renewal in my whole life — physically, mentally, emotionally. Pretty amazing. Thank you for offering such a unique service. Best regards

Francine A.

Surrey, UK