It is hard to believe I have been taking Radiant Wonder herbs for almost a year…..but here I am, pregnant!

I remember hearing Amanda and Zareefa say to women with POF that we were “not sick, we were just tired and stressed and needed to be nourished.”

When I read and listened it seemed everything I was complaining about was related to my blood: my hair was dry, my sleep was poor, I was feeling very anxious. I was not anemic but I thought that sounded right. Maybe I needed more blood or better quality blood.

I understood that when I got scared easily or easily nervous it was because the deep energy that was keeping me in balance might not have been strong enough.  I read for a woman that deep energy depends on blood. Otherwise there can be lots of anxiety.

Thank you for these amazing herbs, for the Radiant Wonder Plan and for your positive support.  I never thought this possible.
Thank God.
Thank you.
Thank Zareefa and Habeeb.
We are so so happy.

A.O. from UK