Before nothing worked for me. No doctor could help. No other company gave me the time of day. I could only eat a very, very restricted diet. Everything I did and everything I ate made me feel a heat inside that filled my upper body. It was not hot flashes that come and go. I had an internal heater that was always on and sometimes flared up at the drop of a hat, becoming very severe and creating big anxiety.

I tried all kinds of different herbs, but they were of no use. Nothing worked until I found Radiant Wonder. My doctors kept wanting me to take the anxiety medication.

Since I started taking Clear Heat it took away the warmth in my body, I felt more peaceful and calm. I felt normal again. Clear Heat has worked beautiful for me ever since I have been using it for almost a year. I do not feel so crazy in my mind anymore from the heat. I am a business owner, so of course there are a lot of things happening in my life right now, and of course I do get anxious, but the Headache Relief really helps with that. Super Nourishing gives me more energy. This is the only company with the patience with my unusual situation to work with me, guiding me toward both the right herbs and the right foods, (food ended up being really important), so I could figure things out.

Thank you, Radiant Wonder

Shirley Wen

Paulsboro, NJ