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Increased Energy and No More Hot Flashes

I am a pharmacist practicing in Nigeria. I am very knowledgeable, not just about Western drugs, but also Chinese Herbs. Over the years I have used many different Chinese herbal formulas, so this is not new to me. I was attracted to Radiant Wonder because they are professionals and I can get responsible answers to my questions. What I have found has been quite extraordinary.

I have only been taking the herbs for a short time (3-4 months?) and I can not believe the dramatic results I have had in that little bit of time. I never expected this because my past experience with Chinese herbal formulas had not produced these changes. I used to be so exhausted, very tired, especially in the late afternoon. My energy surprises me now. I am amazed that I can enjoy working all day. I never expected this. I realize now, as my issue is fertility, that the reproductive system can not have energy if I do not have energy. This makes sense to me. I also had extreme hot flashes. They are almost non existent right now. I am counting a hot flash now if it seems like I might get one and it never materializes.

These are good, honest, highly professional people. When I first got to the website and read how other women had their conditions reversed, I was skeptical but decided to give their products a try. I am now a believer in the quality and effectiveness of their products. I am seeing very positive changes in my body, like increased sexual fluids and no more vaginal dryness.

Deola W

Lagos, Nigeria

Asherman’s Syndrome To Full Pregnancy

I had definitely reached the end of the road with the medical world when I turned to Chinese herbs for healing and to help me with fertility. The medical world could not help me anymore. I had lost two children through miscarriages. I also had a very serious and debilitating condition called Asherman syndrome. The Asherman’s Syndrome stopped me menstruating for nine months and ovulating – it was excruciatingly painful and emotionally distressing.

Our fertility path was four long years of different fertility treatments that were all unsuccessful; changing doctors to try and find solutions to our infertility and depression that came with the unsuccessful attempts to have children.

I discovered Chinese herbs through Amanda Howell and Radiant Wonder while searching on the internet as I live in South Africa. Amanda called me and she explained to me exactly what herbs to take and how to change my lifestyle in order to conceive and hold the baby to full term.

The herbs helped take away the pain from my abdomen area which I had been struggling with for years. They also made me fertile as I now have a 5 week old little boy. I thought I would never conceive and least of all hold the baby to full term. I believe the herbs healed my body completely like no other medicine could and made me able to have my own child. I did not think my body and uterus was capable of holding a baby as it was so damaged from the Ashermans syndrome. The herbs brought about complete healing and I am now a mother and also pain free.

My ovulation is back to normal and my menstruation is back to normal. The herbs work miracles on balancing the women’s hormonal system. My system is now in complete sync.

I hope to meet you one day!!

Lindi G.

Paarl, South Africa

Balancing My Cycle And Increased Egg Count!

Dear Radiant Wonder,

I just had my yearly exam with my GYN. She asked how I was doing and I told her about the herbs from Radiant Wonder I am taking. I explained to her that I started taking the herbs in Super Fertility #3 to help me get pregnant and that these herbs should also help with my cramps as well. I told her that I have been taking Radiant Wonder herbs for about 5 months and my cramps are very minor now and my bleeding isn’t as bad is it used to be. My doctor knew my cramps were really bad. She said that if these herbs are helping me that much I should continue taking them.

She ended up doing a pelvic ultrasound and could see I had ovulated two eggs. I took Clomid for 6 cycles in 6 months just to try to ovulate a 2nd egg to improve my chances. It appears that I can get the same results from taking the Super Fertility #3, if not better.

I love knowing that instead of taking harmful fertility drugs I can take the herbs from Radiant Wonder to improve my chances of getting pregnant, while at the same time taking my cramps away and just making life so much better for me. I feel great and know that the herbs are improving my chances for getting pregnant.

Thank you for these herbs and for the amazing service you provide. You have really gone beyond the normal customer care shown by most businesses these days.

Suzanne S.


Chronic Pelvic Pain Gone In 2 Months With Radiant Wonder Herbs

Thanks so much.

I am so glad that Radiant wonder herbs really worked for me. I used to have burning and peppery pains in and around my pelvic region and the pains used to become severe around the 16th to 17th days of my cycle. Also, I used to have pain on the left side during my cycle. Scan says functional cyst.

What did I try? There are no antibiotics I have not taken to get rid of these pains. Nothing worked. My doctor did not know what to say other than ”just live with it”.

I read about Radiant Wonder on the internet and ordered for it immediately. I was so surprised that the burning pains stopped. They completely stopped! The pains during sex also stopped, to both my and my husband’s delight.

These formulas also balanced my period, no more menstrual pains, I feel so relieved. All of this pain had been there for the past 2 years, but left in just 3 months of taking Radiant Wonder’s Cinnamon & Poria and Free Flow formulas.

Thank you guys for the initiative.

Ngozi A.

London, UK

Cycles Return, Fuller Hair, More Beautiful Skin

Dear Radiant Wonder,

I just wanted to send a Big Thanks for the good things that are happening to my body.

I went to get a hair cut and the girl who cuts my hair said, Karen your hair is thicker!

I told her it was the herbs from Radiant Wonder, and how my skin feels so smooth.

I don’t know where to begin to say thanks. I’m feeling great all around I don’t feel that anxiety that would take over my body. The sweats are not like before. The Calm Energy and Super Fertility #2 are doing wonders for me! I am staring to run better like I did 3 years ago. My stamina is getting better. I am getting back to who I am! I hope my period comes back and I feel that it will. I had some signs of it. I got CRAMPS — bring them on (LOL). I haven’t had any cramps for months, so I know my body is changing for the good. I will keep you up to date. Thanks so much.

Karen M.

Rhode Island, USA

Energy Back, No Hot Flashes, Sleeping At Night, then a Baby Girl

I am 43 years old and I just delivered our beautiful baby, Gina! I have a very stressful job as a social worker. A year and a half ago, my energy was so low, I was having bad gas, constipation, and years of anxiety and insomnia. My FSH was high and I was having hot flashes. I started working with Radiant Wonder. After 10 months of Steps to Success I was so depressed. There had been big changes: my energy was back; I had no constipation, I was sleeping through the night, little to no anxiety, with no hot flashes at all. But no baby. I went to the Kaiser Fertility Clinic. I kept thinking ‘I do not want to do this’. But why did I want to give up? The very next week I got a positive. It was 11 months to the day from the time I started with you. That positive is now our incredible baby, Gina. To other women I say, ‘don’t give up.’ And don’t be afraid of your age. Don’t be afraid to give your body time to heal.


Philadelphia, PA

Four Months Pregnant, Great Signs So Far

This is Suzanne Smith of NJ My husband and I have been taking the fertility herbs now for some time. My husband has reached his 75 days and I have reached my 165 days of taking the herbs (the end of August) . We are still not pregnant. How much longer should we take the herbs? I am getting very discouraged. Do you recommend us trying something else? What are your thoughts? My husband is taking 3 pills of Stress Relief along with 2 pills of the Male Fertility Formula both AM & PM I am taking 3 pills of the Stress Relief, 3 pills of the Super Fertility #5 and 1 pill for Digest Ease #1 both AM & PM.

While taking my BB temperature each day I noticed last month a definite jump in temperature during ovulation which I have not previously seen! Usually it is difficult to figure out when the temperature change occurred.

I also don’t have stomach issues when my cycle is approaching which I had before. Both things are a good sign (I think). I am still going to acupuncture every other week even though says he hasn’t much hope for me. How much longer should I be going? Thank you for your time.



FSH Lowered By 30 Points

I have to admit it was hard to me to believe that my FSH could come down by drinking hot water once a week, doing some simple standing stretches and taking a couple of herbal supplements. I had sat in the office with my doctor and she had clearly told me in no uncertain terms that my ovaries were no longer working, that I was menopausal and that I should consider donor eggs. She was very clear. The tests were before her and the results were in. I was not even focusing on a lot of the wisdom you were offering me, I simply was focused on that high FSH. How high? 44.

I have to say I am shocked. Pleased. Shocked. My FSH has lowered 30 points in 3 months. It went down a lot the first month, and then continued to progress each month following. Believe me I am following your complete program now. All the free tips you gave me…….I’m doing them. And you are RIGHT. There is a strong vitality that I feel everyday and a calmness I am not sure if I ever felt before. I hesitate to say it because I am supposed to keep facing the facts……….but I have a sense of anticipation that I feel is justified………we’ll see. Thanks for restoring my faith in human nature, and my faith in myself.

Janice J.

Selinsgrover, PA

FSH Down, Energy Up!

The holidays are always tough for me. We see our extended families and there are always so many children. And everyone wants to know when we are going to have our own little one. I am not pregnant yet but I can tell you I am going to have a good time this year, because I have a hope in my heart. I am changing physically. I can feel my body is much more ready to make a baby. I know it. The doctor is amazed at how my FSH has dropped. Last week he looked disbelieving and told me my FSH was no longer skyhigh. It was (in his words) ‘perfect’. Also, I can tell the difference internally. I am no longer so tired in the late afternoon. My energy is more consistent. And, I know this will sound weird to anyone who hasn’t worked with Radiant Wonder but one of the most powerful changes I have seen is this: I no longer have cold hands all the time. My husband has expressed how much more romantic warm hands are, but I know it means a lot more than that. I can feel an inner strength and youthfulness growing within me. I feel more capable and not like the ‘old’ woman who will never have a child. Something is happening. I feel it, the doctor measures it. I’m ready.

Tori M.

Ontario, CA

FSH Levels Down, Follicle Count Up!

When I had blood work and an ultrasound taken in December my FSH was 21.6 and my follicle count was 4. My RE said I would not conceive on my own and it was suggested that I use a donor egg and have the IVF procedure done. Since I did not want to use the IVF procedure I started looking on line or alternative ways of healing myself naturally. I began acupuncture and taking the Radiant Wonder Super Fertility #5 and Stress Relief herbs in January.

I recently had my tests taken again and my FSH is now 18 and my follicle count went up to 6. It is a slow process but with patience, prayers and the loving support of all my family, friends and the Radiant Wonder herbs I know that I will reach my goal of becoming a mother.

I recently went to see and touch the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Fertility Statues in Atlantic City NJ. It was a fun experience and I hope it helps in my ability to conceive. The statues are on tour and you can see the tour dates by going to the website for Ripleys Believe it Or Not.

Thank you to Radiant Wonder and your wonderful herbalists for always providing positive motivating support. I know that I am part of the loving energy of God and universe and that my dreams of motherhood will come true.

Suzanne S.


FSH Levels Lowered And Now I’m Pregnant!

Dear Amanda,

I found you 2 years ago researching natural ways to lower my FSH. I had been trying to conceive for years and experienced 3 miscarriages before trying fertility treatments. I had done treatments for 12 months when my doctors finally told me that donor eggs were the only way. My FSH was too high (16), my antral follicle count was 2 and I had not been responding to the meds – they only caused ovarian cysts.

I gave up hope, then found your website. I started on a protocol of Super Fertility #2, Clear Flow and Stress Relief.

In addition to this, I increased my yoga practice and continued with my acupuncture treatments and lost 20lbs (partly to the increased energy the herbs gave me).

I convinced my doctors to monitor me for a couple natural cycles and after 2 months on the herbs I had improvements in my FSH, E2, and no cysts. The 3rd month, I tried Super Fertility #1 with the others I was already taking – to my surprise my cycle that month – my FSH was 7 and my antral follicle count was an 8!!

My doctor told me to stop with the monitoring and to move to their donor egg program. Well 2 weeks later I was late – I took a pregnancy test and it was positive!!! I called my doctor to get a blood test – he told me he never had a patient call so soon to prove him wrong. I attribute my new precious son to you, Amanda, and Radiant Wonder. Thank you for making my dream of becoming a mother a reality. I continue to the use your herbs for other conditions – I use U Tract Formula for my UTI problems and used Stop It Cold! for my colds.

All your herbs are wonderful! They are a god send! Thanks again!!

Ellyn Y


Happy Father’s Day Honey, I’m PREGNANT!

I am pregnant. I haven’t even told my husband yet, although I think he kind of knows. I want to tell him on Father’s Day. I can’t believe it! I am so happy, and he is going to be so happy too. We have wanted this for so long. Three months ago we didn’t have much hope. The fertility doctor sat there and told us both that at 43 I was way too old to think about having a child on my own. My FSH was high, my Estrodiol and LH were both off. I asked him ‘Is there any way to bring down the FSH?’ He said, ‘No. If we knew how to do it we would all be rich.’ He said we would have the best odds doing IVF (at a price tag of $14,000). My husband asked if we couldn’t start with something cheaper, like Clomid. He said, ‘No, that would be a waste of money.’ So I went online and found you guys. I ordered my first herbs on April 8th (less than 3 months ago). (Stress Relief, Super Fertility #2, Digest Ease #1, and the Radiant Eight Energy Exercises). I got the free Fertility Program, too. I was not 100% on everything, but I did the exercises everyday and I did the best I could with everything else. I reordered herbs earlier this week, and I remember telling Amanda I was a day or two late with my period. I thought it might have to do with the stress of having my husband’s dad in the hospital. I know. You made me promise to get back to drinking something warm in the morning and have some extra protein. And I did it. That was Wednesday and I still didn’t have my period, so I did my test. It came out positive and I couldn’t believe it. So I took another one. And so I’m pregnant. It only took two and a half months!

I’m so happy. My husband wanted to know why I went to the drug store last night and why I needed a blood test, but I told him I needed to get some shampoo and I took a blood test for pregnancy but I don’t know. Yesterday he said ‘why are you smiling so much?’ Too funny, huh? I KNOW it is the herbs that brought my FSH down. I could feel the difference. And now I am pregnant.

I cannot wait until Sunday so I can tell him!! Thanks for all your help



High FSH and now a Beautiful Baby Girl

Dear all,

I would like to give you a good news! If you look at my emails last year I contacted you for help as my FSH level was as high as 32. Now, I am delighted to say that I became pregnant last year in August and gave birth to a beautiful and healthy girl called Annabelle Esmay on 17 April 2015. I used one box of Super Fertility #2 and Stress Relief, Pregnacare Vitamins, Royal Jelly, Propolis, Honey and Polen Mix, Vitex Agnus Castus tea.

I had acupuncture twice a week and maintained a healthy diet. I don’t know if it was your products or not that made me pregnant, but the important thing is that I got hope from you, you inspired me, supported me, and i found the strength and belief to try. In the end within a month since i started trying, i got pregnant naturally. I really appreciate your help and hope this gives hope to other women with high FSH levels. Nothing is impossible! I conceived naturally and had a very healthy pregnancy, i had gestational diabetes, but it was manageable through diet. I will send you a photo of Annabelle as well asap. Thank you very much again. Many thanks!

Gina P

Istanbul, Turkey

High FSH and Premature Ovarian Failure – Now 8 Weeks Pregnant

To those of you reading this- I want to offer you my congratulations. You have just discovered a place, full of people, products and a philosophy, that may very well change your life for the better. That is what happened to me, and I would like to share my story. At the age of 35 I began to have irregular periods and symptoms of pre-menopause. Considering myself to be someone with a healthy lifestyle, I was devastated when I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure (POF) with an FSH of 58. After consulting 3 different fertility doctors, I was told that I had no eggs, was menopausal, and would never conceive.

When explaining POF, the Western medical community uses words like ”failure, diminished, and insufficient.” And that is exactly how I felt. Until I found Radiant Wonder! As an educated, modern woman I was doubtful that a company I found online could help my ‘irreversible’ condition. However, my doubts shifted to hope and eventually empowerment through the caring guidance of Radiant Wonder.

I began the herbal formulas I did the Radiant Wonder energy exercises, and committed to a clean diet. The hardest part was to let go of the mental stress and stigma of feeling broken. Whenever I felt stressed, I would circle back to the Radiant Wonder philosophy, and the knowledge that their healing herbs were helping me feel stronger, calmer, & more balanced. Now, 8 months later, I feel strong, grounded, energetic and calm. I was also able to conceive naturally and am 4 weeks pregnant! Thank you to the amazing team at Radiant Wonder. If you have been diagnosed with high FSH and POF, you have probably been told by well-meaning, intelligent doctors that there is nothing they can do for you. They are just being honest. In their field, they haven’t been trained to offer solutions in cases like this. However, that doesn’t mean that there is nothing that YOU can do.

In fact, there is so much that you can do. My advice to you is to put your trust in the wisdom, experience and expertise of Radiant Wonder. And to trust the wisdom of your own amazing, fertile body. You will be so glad you did!

Mariah B.

Deerfield, MA USA

High FSH And Told IVF Was My Only Option

My partner and I had been trying to conceive for six months. I had figured I would get pregnant fairly quickly like I did with my two children ages 9 and 14. After months of trying, I decided to see a fertility specialist. At my first appointment, I was made to feel so old at 41! The statistics for getting pregnant over 40 were alarming. At my consultation we decided that the IVF route was the best way to go. However, after my blood test, I was very disappointed to learn that I had a high FSH level of 26. So I was told I was not a good candidate for IVF and was given the egg donor speech. I was devastated. I started searching the internet to get some advice and came upon the Radiant Wonder website. I was skeptical at first even after reading the testimonials. However, we decided it won’t hurt to try so I started out on both the Super Fertility #2 and Stress Relief. It certainly didn’t hurt! I got pregnant. I am still in disbelief. At first I was pregnant and scared. Now it is past the first trimester and all is going well. My due date is in the Spring and we are so very happy. I felt compelled to share my story to others who maybe feeling discouraged about getting pregnant. The doctors don’t know everything. So don’t give up!

Nicole B.

Sydney, AU

High FSH, Failed IUI’s, No Energy

Three years ago my husband and I were blessed with our wonderful son. He was conceived through just one round of IUI. We were sure that our fertility issues (low sperm count) were over when 9 months later I got pregnant again. But the problems just started. That and the following pregnancy ended up in miscarriages leading us back to the fertility clinic searching for answers.

The doctors diagnosed me with reduced ovarian function (high FSH) and gave us 10% chance that IVF will work. In addition to that, my husband’s sperm count got even worse. Disappointed, but not ready to give up. We decided to turn to alternative methods to improve our chances. My husband started taking something (Ho Shou Wu) to increase sperm count. I found your web-site and was very impressed by all the information published there. I have started taking Balance, Super Fertility #2, and Stress Relief blends in August. In January, I found out that I was pregnant again. Three weeks ago I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl. We are very thankful to Radiant Wonder for our little miracle.

Yana E.

Atlanta, GA

Hot Flashes Gone In 3 Weeks!

I am so happy I can’t believe this. After only 3 weeks on the herbs, my hot flashes are gone and also night sweating I’m overjoyed. I was getting hot flashes I don’t know how many times. They were becoming devastating and I was very depressed.

Thank God and thanks to you they are gone! My period has not come back yet, but I believe soon it will come back naturally. I don’t want test my FSH because I feel everything will be fine, because I’m so relaxed and one day I will Email to you saying I’m pregnant. How long it takes, I will pray God to give me patience, so that I will share the outcome of my journey so do my husband as well. Thanks!

Fatima H.

Londonderry, Ireland

Hot Flashes Gone, IVF Soon To Come…

Hi Amanda,

Things are going great! I started the hot water/lemon detox and noticed an almost immediate decrease in the coughing. I did the hot water with some lemon for the past week and noticed a smooth, twice a day BM without drastically changing my diet. I have been taking Super Fertility #2 and Harmony (ordered 2 month supply last week) as directed along with acupuncture twice a week, daily ear exercise and lymphatic massage and am eating more veggies. I received the Cough & Bronchitis #1 formula and Radiant Eight Energy Exercises early last week and have been taking formula 3 twice a day. The cough as of today is 95% gone and hot flashes/sweats are almost gone. I will start DVD this week as my last week was hectic. I am so impressed and happy with your formulas and plan to be on this program for 3 months before attempting another IVF transfer (January).

Hot flashes? Almost non-existent!! If I do get one a day it’s a mild flush. My sleeping is better also. I usually wake up once a night the use the bathroom, but I go right back to sleep – I am so excited!!!

Two Months Later: My hot flashes are still rarely there. I switched Harmony to Balance and that seems to be working better for me on many levels. I did not ovulate this month, but I understand that can happen. Still aiming for January transfer.

I am addicted to drinking hot water. (Who would have believed it!) I put a little sliver of lemon in it and I sip hot lemon water all day. I love it. And I remembered that a friend of mine told me about this several years ago. I asked how her mother had such beautiful skin. She had no wrinkles and her skin was so smooth and healthy looking. She told me her mother drank hot lemon water all the time and that was the secret!

Finally I would like to tell you that there is something that has been happening for me that it is something that gives me peace about this whole process. My mood is great. I can not describe it. I feel so good all the time. It is a peace. So I really feel, as much as I really, really want this child, that I am not wasting my time or my money on this. It is very real and completely unexpected. I want to feel like this for the rest of my life.

Deena F.


Hot Flashes Gone, Mood At Peace

Dear Radiant Wonder,

I am 39 years old and motherhood is one of my biggest wishes. I have been plagued with uterine fibroids since the age of 26 and have had 4 myomectomy’s narrowly escaping the possibility of a total hysterectomy with my last surgery. This was my wake up call to change my life style and diet.

When I reached the 3 year anniversary of my last myomectomy fibroid free I was overjoyed. I was so focused on my fibroids that I totally ignored my pre menopause symptoms. My FSH level was high and I was suffering from hot flashes, depression and my monthly cycle was irregular and very light. I felt my hopes of motherhood would never be actualized until I stumbled upon your web site. I started taking Super Fertility #2 and Stress Relief and in a matter 3 weeks my hot flashes stopped, my fluids returned and my mood was peaceful. My last period was on time and thankfully normal.

Thank you so much for the work you do to balance mind body and spirit. Your product addresses the whole body and not just symptoms. I continue to take my herbs to normalize my hormones and look forward to starting your regimen to alleviate the scarring of my fallopian tubes from my multiple surgeries. I am sooooo excited about the possibilities of becoming a mother. I will keep you posted and pray that my next submitted photo will be of my precious baby.

Thank you

Shelley V.

Brooklyn, NY

No Longer Cold, No Bloating, and Improved Sleep

My concerns:

Body Temperature: My body temperature was always low. I was cold all the time! I am warmer now even though I often feel cold and the place where I work is cold. It is not all the time, but already my colleagues have noticed that my hands are warmer. It is impossible to not get cold because the AC is blowing cold air. However there have been times when I take my sweater off at work, which has never happened, and it has only been 3 weeks.

Stomach: No more bloating after eating. No more stomach pain. I used to take my father’s Priolsec, you know the prescription, after eating. My stomach hurt so much. This has been going on for years! Now I haven’t asked him for one single pill since I changed everything.

Sleeping: I sleep better. I don’t wake up that often, but it still takes me a while to fall asleep, but I am able to sleep once I get to sleep. I used to be up all night.

Energy: My energy is better. It is not 100 percent, but I am not dragging.

I also had a completely different feeling with my period (which just came). I always have horrible cramping a week before my period. And I didn’t have cramping at all. I always finish a bottle of Advil every month. Around my period I would have to take 3 capsules every 6 hours to get through. I did not need even one Advil. To be honest, it was on the calendar so I expected cramping. I usually do get a really bad headache before my cycle. That is the only thing I still got this cycle. To tell you the truth I was even thinking maybe I was pregnant. Usually my breasts got really sore and my cramps are really horrible. And usually the first day I don’t even want to get out of bed. This month my breasts were not sore. I had only slight cramping the first day. Before I saw the bleeding I honestly thought maybe I was pregnant it was so different. The clots are less and the flow is not so heavy. It seems crazy after only 3 weeks. I usually don’t want to move, when I would get off from work I want to stay still. Also, I am not tired at all. Usually on my cycle I am exhausted. This is good for me. I didn’t get really emotional either, usually I just want to cry all the time, but this time I was just really happy the whole week before.

I’m going to continue using Radiant Wonder 🙂 I love it! Thanks Amanda!

Claudia A.

Syracuse, NY

No Dryness, Ovulation Cycle Returned!

As you know, I started back up on my Chinese herbs around May 10th, taking Super Fertility #2 two pills twice per day, and six Spirulina tablets, my probiotics that I had already on hand from my colon therapist, and Stress Relief. I have also been eating more greens, including one serving a day of dark green veggies and a green drink a few times per week. I have been making more time for exercise and putting the hot water bottle on my abdomen about every other night. I am drinking hot water but this during the day is quite a challenge as I have a very stressful and hectic job (as a social worker).

It has not even been two months on the the program. For the past week I have begun to have on and off vaginal fluids such as I have not seen for over a year. I was extremely surprised because it has been so long. As I told you the gynecologist who examined me in May told me that the walls of my vagina were dry, and I even had a small laceration inside (from intercourse). I have noticed that for the past week, or maybe a bit less, I have been having more fluids in general, but mostly the cloudier fluid that I remember having between cycles. I haven’t yet seen the ‘stretchy’ fluid that might be evidence of ovulation. However, at this early point, I know that what I am seeing is progress, even if I am not having more evidence of a cycle or ovulation. I have also noticed that I am having more of the usual sensation I used to have on my left ovary which was always a sign to me that I was ovulating.

I know that this is progress.


Knoxville, TN

Insane Hot Flashes to Feeling Good

Before nothing worked for me. No doctor could help. No other company gave me the time of day. I could only eat a very, very restricted diet. Everything I did and everything I ate made me feel a heat inside that filled my upper body. It was not hot flashes that come and go. I had an internal heater that was always on and sometimes flared up at the drop of a hat, becoming very severe and creating big anxiety.

I tried all kinds of different herbs, but they were of no use. Nothing worked until I found Radiant Wonder. My doctors kept wanting me to take the anxiety medication.

Since I started taking Clear Heat it took away the warmth in my body, I felt more peaceful and calm. I felt normal again. Clear Heat has worked beautiful for me ever since I have been using it for almost a year. I do not feel so crazy in my mind anymore from the heat. I am a business owner, so of course there are a lot of things happening in my life right now, and of course I do get anxious, but the Headache Relief really helps with that. Super Nourishing gives me more energy. This is the only company with the patience with my unusual situation to work with me, guiding me toward both the right herbs and the right foods, (food ended up being really important), so I could figure things out.

Thank you, Radiant Wonder

Shirley Wen

Paulsboro, NJ

My FSH dropped from 17 to 5 in a little over 2 months!

I am so excited. The doctor told me there would be no chance for me to get pregnant naturally with an FSH of 17. He also said we better think seriously about an IVF because time was of the essence. $20,000.00 is not something we carry in our back pocket!

I Googled that night and found Radiant Wonder. I learned things I could do to help myself heal. I learned about my fertility in a way that was more real and not so clinical. I had hope. I had a feeling it would work. And, thank God, it did! I also found some other changes. I am not as moody of late and I seem to have more energy. I am not going to stop the herbs right now because I want to get really fertile. It is not just the test. My body is also telling me — right on, girl! This is good for me!

Thank you!

Candace A.

Bucks County PA USA

My High FSH Levels Fell 24 Points in 3 Months!

For a couple of cycles I was taking Femara and I was not reacting to it. I took 10 pills every day for 5 days. I was not responding well, when in the past I had been just fine. Then the doctor took my FSH and it was 35. My OBGYN was not negative to me because we have been working together for a while. She just told me we would check the next cycle. If it would come back less than 15 she would be able to use stimulation for another cycle.

What was I going to do? It was Labor day weekend and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. There must be a way to lower my FSH. I started praying. Then Labor Day night I found your site, spent a long time reading and rereading the information. I felt strongly that I should call your number, so I did just that, never expecting anyone to answer. It was the day that God put you in my path.

So what has happened? In less than 3 months my FSH has dropped from 35 to 14.7 to 11.5! I am so excited and my heart is so full I can’t stop telling my friends about Radiant Wonder. Kudos to everyone at Radiant Wonder.

I am also seeing the beginning of the signs that would indicate my FSH was coming down: more sexual fluids, more energy, and feeling better. I am definitely feeling a shift. I appreciate that you guys answer my questions. My husband and I are so happy together and we are really looking forward to having our baby. And now we have a super team to help us get there: a great doctor whom we love and Radiant Wonder. Next Friday we do another IUI. Keep your fingers crossed!

Marilyn T.

Waipio, Hawaii

Natural Help For Painful Periods

I have had severely painful, heavy & long menstrual cycles since I was 13, I am now 33. I am not able to take birth control pills due to the side effects. I decided to try Cinnamon & Poria after reading other positive testimonials.

After just 30 days of taking it my cycle was much lighter, shorter and I had pretty much no cramping what so ever. It also seemed to reduce the swelling, pain and tenderness that I get in my breasts before my cycle. I took this for three months and then I stopped taking it for a month and my cycle was back to being unpleasant so I have ordered it again and will continue to stick with it.

Thank you Radiant Wonder for helping me naturally get through that not so fun time once a month!

Teresa B.

Miami, FL

Sexual Vitality Renewed!

I am 63, and look and feel so great. Life was good. My husband and I still had a normal sex life, but for me it was not comfortable.

I was dry, and the lubricants were not very helpful. They wore off.

Then a friend of mine whispered to me that she had found the most amazing products, and she was feeling like a woman again.

I called Radiant Wonder and I started taking A Women’s Sexual Vitality and Super Nourishing Formula to bring everything back faster.

Oh my gosh it has been amazing. I have more fluids than I have had for many, many years. Even in my 40s I was low and often dry. My husband was so surprised and delighted. It has reignited the fun of years past. Since then I have done my own whispering to other women friends and now we have a secret and ever expanding group of dedicated ”sexual vitality friends.”

Don’t hesitate to try. It actually works. And once your fluids are back you cut back to one product and it stays back.



Period Pain Relief

My periods have been a little erratic ever since having IVF treatment and for the last 3 months I haven’t even had a period. When my periods do eventually appear they are incredibly painful, in fact the pain is actually unbearable, I feel sick, faint, I find it difficult to walk and get terrible pain in my lower back. I feel so ill that quite often I’m off work almost every time my period appears. I’ve been suffering from terrible periods ever since the day I actually started back in my very early teens and quite often then I would have to take time off school. Now at the age of 36 things haven’t changed — that is until NOW! I’ve been taking Radiant Wonder herbs for the last month or so and finally my period has appeared and to my absolute astonishment I have had NO pain whatsoever, it’s unbelievable, I can’t actually believe I haven’t had any pain and I feel so much happier and it’s certainly all thanks to Radiant Wonder.

Patricia H.

Charleston, NC

Off Progesterone Tablets And Feeling Great!

After conclusive test results my gyno put me on Hormone Replacement (estrogen patch and 10 progesterone pills per month).

After 6 months of taking them i did feel less foggy and got my period back however after the 8 month mark I felt worse then I did before i started taking hormone replacement. I knew this couldn’t be my only option; That is when i stumbled upon the Radiant Wonder website. I was scared to start taking the Radiant Wonder and get off the HR completely so i gradually reduced my HR prescription and increased the Super Fertility #2, and Calm Energy doses.

Since mid December i completely stopped taking the HR and It’s now mid February and I feel GREAT! I see and feel real signs that give me a lot of hope. Cervical mucus is coming naturally again. And like it was when I was younger! I am more balanced and i don’t feel depressed anymore.

Shannon R.

Miami, FL

Pelvic Pain Gone!

I sincerely wanted to say thank you to Radiant Wonder for spending the time and care in helping me take the right steps towards healing.

I wish I would have known about Radiant Wonder before my laparoscopy. I had been suffering from pelvic pain, irregular periods, and was found to have pelvic adhesions. As a result I had laparoscopic surgery. For a year I was feeling better, however, the symptoms began to return. Through much prayer and google search I found out about Radiant wonder.

I started doing a Hot Water Detox, heat therapy on my belly, tubal massage, Radiant Eight Energy Exercises, Radiant wonder herbs like Cinnamon & Poria, Free Flow, and Stress Relief. In addition, I changed my diet to incorporate more warm foods and a bowl of veggies every day.

I immediately began seeing, and feeling, the results. I was able to not only sleep better, but all the pelvic pain was gone! So I am very grateful and I am recommending Radiant Wonder to anyone I know who is struggling with health issues. Thanks again and I pray that you continue to bless others.

Alcira O.


Pregnant over 40: No period for 2 years, menopause diagnosis

Cheers to America and my dear friends at Radiant Wonder! Thanks so much. I was 39 when the mood swings and hot flashes came on. My period completely stopped for 2 years.

The doctor said I was in menopause and put me on HRT. After 6 months I got off because I did not feel well and everything came back so much worse. My life was rubbish. My poor husband had to put up with not only my nasty verbal attacks, my depression, but also my complete lack of interest in sex. And we wanted to have a baby! It was hell.

This was all 5 years ago. I’m sitting here now, playing with my baby boy, Hilary, who just had his first birthday. I just want to say again, thanks so much. After hearing that I would never have a child it still feels like a dream to be holding him in my arms. Thanks for being with me on this journey. As the symptoms fell away my confidence and hope continued to climb. According to my really good GP and also the fertility clinic this was not a possibility, egg donor was my only chance. I am writing this just because I want other women to know when they will see positive changes don’t minimize them because they want more. Know those changes will multiply if they keep going. Believe me it is worth having the patience.

Premature Ovarian Failure & Premature Menopause

For 2 years I have been in premature menopause. It has been a very hard and emotional time. My diagnoses came after a doctor I trusted operated on me and caused me to go into premature ovarian failure and premature menopause. After seeing nine different doctors I finally got a great doc who got me on medication to ”cover up” my condition. I was never ok with the medication and the side effects of the medication and the other effects it might have on my body. But I was desperate so I went on the medication. To top all this my dream of having another child was gone. My eggs were gone and my ovaries had stopped working. After eleven months on the prescribed medication I had to find something else. I had to find something to make me better… not just cover up my condition. If I missed one pill I was miserable for days. I couldn’t do it anymore.

Then I found Radiant Wonder. I researched the company for a month. I was skeptical. I was not a believer. But I wanted to try something else. I had no support because everyone thought I was crazy for trying something I found online. Well that has all changed! I have been on my Radiant Wonder program for just a month.

I feel 100% better. I didn’t know I could feel this good. I had to see if the pills were working or if it was just mind over matter. Radiant Wonder told me not to expect numbers to change for a good three months. But as usual, I had to do it. So I am happy to report my FSH levels are down – my estrogen is up…. I just ovulated for the first time and I have eggs. My doctor says I found the miracle drug. She wants to use it in her practice!!!! Wanted to share my story!

Jenny T.

Alexandria, VA USA

Recovered From Asherman’s Syndrome – severe uterine scarring

My progress has been amazing since starting the Radiant Wonder herbs. I had a case of Ashermans Syndrome where my menstruation stopped for seven months and I had very severe pains in my uterus and cervix. It has taken me four months to become pain free. My doctor told me that I have a damaged uterus from a D&C where my previous doctor scraped away most of my uterus by a mistake.

The herbs have helped me recover – I still have scanty periods but at least I get them – a sign something very good is happening. From this month we are starting to try again for our first child. I think if it were not for the herbs, I would possibly still be in continuous pain and my uterus would be in a worse condition. I really do thank Radiant Wonder for all their support as well and thank heaven for people who bring safe and powerful natural products to the market to help us heal when the doctors have done all they can.


Sacramento, CA

Reduced Ovarian Function and High FSH

Doctors diagnosed me with reduced ovarian function and high FSH and gave me a 10% chance that IVF would work. In addition to that, my husband’s sperm count was extremely low. Although disappointed we never considered giving up, we decided to turn to alternative methods to improve our chances. I found the Radiant Wonder website in one of my most desolate moments,my husbands mother had basically called me barren and said it was okay to give up because it was never going to happen.

I prayed and went online determined to find an answer, I was very impressed by all the information published on the website along with tons of testimonials, a little hesitant to call but I did it anyway, what did we have to lose but a few dollars, not like we hadn’t spend thousands already.

I started with Balance, Super Fertility #2, and Stress Relief blends in August. My husband started taking Radiant Wonder (Ho Shou Wu) along with Deer Velvet Antler to increase his sperm count. Since then so many wonderful things have happened, my husband sperm count has dramatically increased, my FSH which was at 69 at the start of the program is now 19.

My doctor says he expects me to be ready for IVF by May, I know the herbs are working and that soon my little miracle will be created…I’m writing this, because I know so many women are struggling and feeling hopeless, and I want to let you know that hope exists, try alternative methods and don’t let people bring you down.

You will succeed, put it in your heart know it to be true because it is. My miracle came while searching the web one night, I hope yours does too. God bless you on your journey, hope this posting brings you hope!

PS The IVF was successful!

Sick For So Many Years, My Health Is Renewed!

I wrote in to share my story with Radiant Wonder some time ago. I was so excited about the significant changes that I had noticed — for example, I was no longer feeling so depressed and my hands and feet were not so cold anymore — that I had forgotten to add some things.

I suppose sometimes when so many things have been going wrong for so long and you have been working on it so much that when a lot of things start to improve at once it is hard to remember exactly where you started. One of the major things I had forgotten to include was how much my sex life had improved. Sex was not pleasurable because its always painful in my womb. I would have to hold my womb tightly during sex but now I can do other things with my hands because the pain is no longer there. Now I can enjoy sex! I mentioned previously that my body is damaged from years of sickness, but after a few months on the herbs, I am healthier!

Thank you Radiant Wonder.

Ruth E.

Charlotte, NC

Miscarriage Support

Previous miscarriages left me angry, pissed, irritated, hormonal, agitated… I hated to be around myself!

The shift to feeling great was so fast, I still don’t believe it! ”You could have bought me with a penny!”

First let me say I am a happy camper! Before taking Stress Relief I was angry, pissed, irritated, hormonal, agitated, etc. I basically hated to be around myself. My body had taken a toll because of previous miscarriages, weight gain and just all around stress. I had no energy. I was tired all of the time and just plain miserable! UGH! My last miscarriage in September of last year totally did a wreck on my psyche.

I contacted Radiant Wonder in March and decided that I should be on Stress Relief and Spirulina. Well it took no time for me to get my two products from Radiant Wonder and started taking them the very next day.

Immediately after taking the Stress Relief I felt like something had happened to me. Something very comfortable, yet really deep had shifted. Now a few weeks later? I don’t lose my temper. I’m calmer, happier, have more energy, sleep better, NO MORE BRAIN FOG, and I have patience! My husband and kids have noticed a definite shift in my personality and love it. I’m almost out of Stress Relief but I’m ordering asap.

Amanda all I can say is thank you a million times over. I can’t wait to work with you to get pregnant!!!

Pia T.

College Park, MD

Three doctors gave up on me: Irregular Periods, PCOS, Blocked Tubes

Thank you for all your guidance, we are now blessed with a baby boy. Here is a picture of me, my husband and our bundle of joy ! I just cannot express what Radiant wonder means to us – thank you for everything. Please keep up your good work ! There are millions like me out there who would benefit from your services !! My tube was blocked. Three doctors gave up on me. Besides the blocked tube I had been diagnosed with PCOS, had irregular periods and out of balance blood work. I was so impatient. I was tired and frustrated with our situation. It had been going on for 10 years. Actually, I lost hope. I had stopped all the medicines.

Then a friend of mine said you should call this company. They are so positive and their energy is so good. There is a good and honest energy to this company. So I said, ‘ok, let me give a shot’. That is the only thing that was in my mind. Let’s give a shot, last shot. No more medications. Nothing. This is the last thing I am going to try. I started to take the herbs and then boom, boom in about 5 months things started to change. We kept going. It wasn’t hard to have patience anymore because I could feel my body changing.

And now I am holding our baby. I am so grateful to everyone at Radiant Wonder. The Cinnamon & Poria, I think that must have helped me a lot. I was also taking Super Fertility #3 and the Digest Ease #1. All three together were amazing. I followed the whole program (food and other suggestions). First I was so happy when my blood tests came in all normal. I was feeling so good. And then I got pregnant. How did I feel when I found I was pregnant? I was speechless. This has been so long for me. A ten years journey. And now I was pregnant. I took the pregnancy test twice and then I went to the doctor. They did the blood test. And then they left me a voice message: ‘Hey Ramya, congratulations, you are pregnant!’ My husband and I were so happy. Totally different world, and now I am holding our baby, Veer. It means ‘strong and daring boy’. We both are so happy. You can see in the picture how happy we are!


Greenfield, CT USA

To Anyone Who Is Wondering About Radiant Wonder-I got Help for POF

To anyone who is wondering about Radiant Wonder, The fertility path that some women have to go through is a suffering I wish upon no one, and yet it is a reality for far too many of us. Before I found Radiant Wonder I was experiencing low energy, frequent hot flashes, insomnia, no cervical mucus or sexual fluids, extreme painful intercourse, no menses for two years, and deep depression. I am a private person, but I really want to take this leap of sharing to help other women who are where I have been. This suffering affected all areas of my life and undermined the pursuit of happiness we are all entitled to. Why should we not be able to have a baby? The despair was compounded by two visits to fertility clinics which determined I was pre-menopausal.

I was told my ovaries were not working and the only solution for us was one of egg donation. Obviously these people are specialists in a particular field and are given to perceiving the world in the light of their understanding. But I was not content with their answers or solutions. I began doing acupuncture and Chinese herbs, feeling better after six months but still experiencing hot flashes, still exhausted, still no interest in sex, still very painful sex, and still awakening at 1am and not able to go back to sleep. After six months, a blood test revealed no change in levels and I was feeling just minimally better. It was not a good day. So I began another round of searching, mainly testimonials of those with the same symptoms.

It was then that I stumbled across Radiant Wonder and could not believe what I was reading. I had been diagnosed with POF (Premature Ovarian Failure). When I landed on the POF page of Radiant Wonder for the first time, after searching the internet for years, I saw a place that listed clearly each one of my symptoms. Every single one of the symptoms I listed above was on their list. With the first two weeks of herbal formulas, Balance and Super Fertility 3, unfortunately my symptoms persisted. There were some results: instead of awakening at 1am and not being able to go to sleep I was awakening at 3 am and able to go back to sleep. I had a little more energy. I could walk my dogs when I got home. But still I was so tired, the hot flashes were still there and the vaginal dryness was not less. I changed my formulas. This time I took Stress Relief and Super Fertility 2.

In just five days, I experienced relief: the hot flashes dissipated (now non-existent). But the vaginal dryness was still unbearable. So after that week, I did a new 2 week program with the herbs I had been using. I still had Super Fertility 3 left, so I increased Super Fertility 2 to 3 twice a day instead of 2 twice a day, and add one dose of 3 Super Fertility 3 at mid day. I was also going replace the Super Fertility 3 with Women’s Sexual Vitality when it arrived, but before it came a huge shift happened.

I am still in shock. Intercourse was not painful! For the first time in five years, I feel like myself again. I am sleeping all night. My energy keeps getting better and better. Also, my fluids came back and intercourse is enjoyable! I feel centered and have been given new hope. I am not stressed out about having a baby, instead I am experiencing peace and the faith that my baby is coming sooner or later. I could not be more grateful, because you have given me my life back. Reading all of the testimonials at the beginning gave me hope. I pray that my humble story can give the same hope to other women. Wherever you are, do not lose faith, it is true to its name: it is Radiant Wonder and it does get you better!

Iris W.

New York, NY

Working To Get My Period Back, Great Results So Far!

I wanted to check in and let you know how things were going. I stopped taking the the Restore Energy and I think it was Restore Balance (unsure). With those two I was still feeling the hot flashes, in fact they were becoming uncomfortable and my sleep did not feel restful. So, after comparing my symptoms with the information on your site I decided to order the Super Fertility #2 and Stress Relief.

Week of May 1: What a difference that made within a week to nine days the hot flashes simmered down to just occasional feelings of warmth. I felt so balanced emotionally, even though I was having some bad sinus headaches from pollen and such. I felt really good. Inspired by my husband I started drinking 1/2 a gallon of lukewarm to room temperature water, which substantially improved my digestion.

Week of May 15: Because I got really busy with lots of meetings at work my water drinking slowed down, but I was still getting about 8 cups or more a day, depending on the day. The week of rain sapped my energy a little during this week, but I did began to have some cervical mucus, thus I was not as dry. Also, my complexion began to have a more dewy look. I saw this a improvement. This was also the week that I ordered A Woman’s Energy, which I started taking only in the mornings w/ Cinnamon & Poria, which I started taking in the morning and the evening. I continued taking the Super Fertility #2 and Stress Relief twice a day usually at about 7:00AM and 2:00PM.

Week of May 22: Thus far I have started to pick up again on my water consumption. I should add that during these past weeks I place a hot pad on my tummy each work day when at my desk. I have also been trying to slow down. Generally, I move like I am always in a hurry, even when I am not. I have also taken a few naps. I think that has helped. Also, I started thinking that since I am such a high energy person that maybe the hot flashes were trapped energy. I had almost but completely stopped exercising and I spend much of my day working at a computer using my mind. I have started exercising again and it feels really good, like I am appropriately dispensing trapped energy. I have not had a period in about 60 days, but hopefully given the cervical mucus a period is soon to follow.



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