Sperm-Count-is-NormalI was shocked when the doctor said my sperm count was low. I have never had any problems performing. I went to the web and did some research because the doctor wanted me to take a drug and I heard there were possible side effects. There was one popular product that seemed to everywhere on the web. I took it for 6 months. My lab reports never changed.

Then I found Radiant Wonder. There was a lot of in depth information and the idea of looking at the problem from a larger viewpoint appealed to me. I expected all this was a way to hook me into spending a lot of money. That was wrong. I was the winner. I got an initial program, I was very skeptical, but what I was learning was logical and there was an actual plan to get results. I was surprised that could happen online. The program wasn’t expensive.

I was told to retest in three months. I didn’t wait 3 months. I tested in 4 weeks. My sperm count was normal. As it went I was also feeling a lot better. I was sleeping better. My low back pain was gone. My mental focus was better. I always had good energy, but even my energy was up.

I knew something was happening before I took the test. I didn’t test again, because during that cycle my wife got pregnant. I’m a prove-it-to-me type of person. When my sperm count was normal for the first time in over a year after doing this program for less than a month and my wife will be delivering next month, I think I got the proof I needed. Hey thanks you guys.

Hank J.

Frankfort, NY