Immune Boost – when an airborne bug attacks – fight back!

As soon as you even think you are getting sick start taking Stop It Cold!

There is a reason Stop It Cold! is our most popular product this time of the year. If you take it exactly as directed there is almost no chance you will get sick. You will awaken the next morning cold-free.

The 2 Steps to Take Whenever You Feel You are Getting Sick:


  1. Start taking STOP IT COLD!
    Exact instructions: start with 5 capsules, then take 2-3 capsules every 4 hours. Stop It Cold! will immediately start fighting your symptoms and lift your energy. Keep it beside the bed at night. When you awaken feeling clear in the morning, take 3 more and then take the bottle with you for the day. Often the cold will try to get you again the next afternoon. Be prepared.
  2. The 3 NOs: NO cold water; NO sugar; NO alcohol. All three of these suppress your immune system. Do these and you WILL get that cold! Guaranteed. Just keep telling yourself it is temporary. For anyone who does get sick here are the 4 key symptoms and what to do about them:

Symptom #1 – The Fever There are two kinds: Does it come and go? Or is it big and coming on with no let up?

Fever A – Normal fever for a virus generated cold. A fever that comes and goes, doesn’t get really high and stay there.
Stop It Cold! is the best formula for this kind of fever, it will boost your energy, and help you sweat out the cold.

Fever B – A fever that is unrelenting (does not stop) is 100 degrees or higher. Is high and stays high.
Fight the Flu! combined with Anti Viral Combination is the best for this type of fever. These are special herbs to moisten the dry lungs and bring down the high fever.

This is the one where you want to see your doctor. Take the herbs and do the gua sha (shown below) at the same time you are taking the doctor’s treatment. They are not counter indicated. Make sure you hydrate well — you are losing fluids and you need to replenish. ESPECIALLY WITH THE HIGH FEVER.

Symptom #2 – lots of coughing — a dry cough (the heat of the cold or flu has dried your lungs)

At some point with your cold cough, you may start a dry cough that won’t stop. This is another side effect of the heat created by the fever, or the body’s fighting against the cold/flu. This cough becomes a non-stop event, a reflex that just won’t stop.

Miracle results from Stop the Cough
Take 3 capsules 3 times a day. Drink lots of hot water. Within a few days at the most your voice will be back and your cough will be gone.

2 Important tips to remember at this stage:

  • Stop taking Stop It Cold!
  • Do NOT take an expectorant cough syrup, it will dry your lungs and make the cough worse.


* Why would Stop It Cold! work against you?

Stop It Cold! helps the body sweat out a head cold. You don’t want a product that helps you sweat out a cold. You are already sweating too much, you are already drying up inside! You want products that quickly reduce a high fever and moisten the lungs and the stomach, to reduce the side effects of the fever.

** Why would the cough syrup make things worse??

A normal expectorant cough syrup is helpful for a cold in the beginning stages, where the mucus needs to dried out and expelled. That is not what you need in the case of a dry cough. You don’t have lots of phelgm. You are very low in fluids. The cough syrup will make that worse, not better. You might easily lose your voice completely! When the cold/flu is over if your voice is crackly take Restore Energy to bring back both your voice and your energy.

Symptom #3 – Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea (another side effect of the high heat in the body)

Fresh Ginger. Packed with more than a dozen antiviral compounds, ginger is a very good friend during the flu season. You want RAW GINGER ROOT, not the dried ginger tea. Pick the ginger root that is shiny, it is fresher and will last longer. One stick of ginger will last for at least a month.

Break off what you want to buy, because the whole root will be a bit pricey. You do not have to skin the ginger, just cut off the dried end, and make a thin slice. Throw it into the bottom of your mug and add hot water. You will not believe how good it feels and how quickly your tummy will settle down. Don’t DRINK the tea, SIP it. Works better and faster.

As you are able to eat again start with PLAIN WHITE RICE (salted). Rice is an herb which stabilizes digestion. It works far better than Saltines! So have some plain white organic sushi rice in the cupboard all winter. Uncle Ben’s might help somewhat, plain white sushi rice is the absolute best. Sushi rice is very simple. 1/2 cup rice + 1 cup of water. Bring to a boil. Cover and put on low for 20 minutes. Do NOT remove the lid right away, but take the pot off the stove and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then take a fork and fluff up the rice. It tastes so good. And is so good for your tummy.

chest-cold-remedies Symptom #4 – Chills with your fever

Make a hot tea: Thin slice of RAW ginger + 1 cinnamon stick + hot water and a little honey.

Sip this tea and the nausea will settle down. You can use the same herbs in the cup all day. Just add more hot water, or even room temperature water. You can also add Cardamom or Anise.


Other special products, tips and techniques


  • Herbal Antibiotic – fantastic for any sore throat. You can feel it right away.
  • Gua Sha — can be done on both adults and children. The tool is a smooth surface so you do not scratch the skin. An Asian spoon is a good tool, or the edge of a small bowl. You rub the tool just as you see in the videos. It is a light touch, slightly firm. Your goal is not to scratch, just to rub across the skin. This technique brings the fever to the surface so it can release. You see the pink color. Don’t gua sha again until the pink has almost all disappeared (may take at least a day). The splotchy marks will remain a little longer and then release. They are just toxins releasing from the skin. Children love for you to do this. It feels so good. With Gua Sha you are increasing circulation in microcapillaries which are very near the surface of the skin. This releases heat and brings down the fever. The dark pink splotches will disappear. At the most it could take a few days. For a child you do not have to rub very hard and the skin will just get pink. That is enough. The fever will start to break.
  • Honey — Honey has been called the tastiest antibiotic. These antibiotic actions of honey are better used in healing wounds without leaving scars. For a cold or flu, honey is a life saver for a dry cough. In a 2007 Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine study involving 105 children ages 2-18 with upper respiratory infections, children who were given buckwheat honey (between 1/2 and 2 teaspoons prior to bedtime, depending on age) coughed less and slept better than children who did not receive any honey or who received honey-flavored dextromethorphan (the primary active ingredient in many cough and cold medications).
  • Mama’s Chicken Soup — full of natural antibiotics