We have been taking your Herbal Antibiotic for for over 8 years at this point (2016) and I can not say enough good about them. My husband had a very high white blood count for quite a while and his doctor wanted him to see a cancer doctor. However, my husband refused. He started on the herbal antibiotics which lowered the white blood count in about three months. It has remained good and white blood cell count has remained low. Whatever he was fighting off must be ok now. I take them when I need them. I tell everyone i know about them.

I also am a medical herbalist and herbs and natural medicine are my life. Thank you for having such great products. I like Chinese herbals, as I believe they are more potent and better than some standard herbals.

Please note: It is always best to be evaluated by your doctor. If your white blood cells are up it means your body is at war with something. As you can see, although he objected to seeing the Oncologist, he certainly kept testing his WBC count on a regular basis. So his doctor was still monitoring the situation.

Paula Murakami

Spokane, Washington