THEN: Every year the chronic asthma attacks were getting worse,

sometimes putting her in the doctors office every week

NOW: Not one single attack all winter and an amazed doctor

I can not believe the gift you have given me, Radiant Wonder. You and your simple life giving products. Last year at this time, the beginning of Spring, I was a wreck. I had been ravaged all winter by horrible asthma attacks.

You cannot imagine how weak I felt. The months of wheezing and inhalers and seeing the doctor often weekly. I knew I had to find something else to do.

A friend of mine who had used you for something else suggested I call. I knew it would take time, but if I started building my health now by the next season things would be better and would improve every year.

I was desperate. So I started taking two products: Restore Balance and The Great Protector.


Last week I had one of those moments in life I will always remember. I had to see my doctor about another issue. As he opened the door to the treatment room and walked in he bellowed ”where have you been all winter? I haven’t seen you. What have you been doing?”

You see I never had one asthma attack all winter. AND other amazing things have happened: my digestion is 100 percent improved. AND my energy is the energy I had years ago.

I am a very lucky woman. Instead of getting older I feel like I’m going in the other direction.


Radiant Wonder herbs are not curing the asthma. Asthma comes and goes. It is either active or it is in remission.

When asthma is active you should do nothing else but to work directly with your doctor because asthma can be a life threatening event.

When the asthma is in remission however is the time for you to be proactive building your immune system and strengthening your lungs and overall energy.

The goal is to have less attacks, milder attacks, less frequent.