Family Medicine Cabinet – most popular combination to be prepared for any attack

Radiant Immune Defense (one bottle lasts 2 months)
Stop It Cold – as soon as you feel a cold coming on. The sooner the better
Herbal Antibiotic – if it goes to the chest, or if the phlegm turns yellow

It is also good to have on hand the Flu formulas just in case.
Fight the Flu – to moisten the lungs to resolve the dry, dry cough
Fever Buster – to bring down the constant fever that comes with the flu

Here are complete lists with descriptions for all of our Immune Builders, Boosters, and Recovery Formulas

Don’t Get Sick – Take an Immune Builders (the wall of defense) everyday

Radiant Immune Defense: Our customer’s favorite. 2 month supply in one bottle. 120 capsules. For anyone over 6 years old. Our Radiant Immune Defense supports the immune system, strengthens our resistance, and cultivates more adaptability. Radiant Wonder developed Radiant Immune Defense to be the ultimate protective formula. It is composed of the greatest adaptogenic Super Herbs in the World. These herbs protect the body and mind in many ways. All produce powerful immune enhancing characteristics.

Children’s Immune Defense: 90 capsules. Can be taken in a spoon with a little honey and washed down with some warm drink. Designed not to taste bad and to help support the immune system of a growing child. For children 5-10.

The Great Protector: 90 capsules. The Great Protector is another formula which strengthens and protects the lungs. It is good for anyone who has repeating colds which settle in the lungs. It is recommended for those with chronic asthma, not for the time of an asthma attack, when it is best to be working with your Western doctor, but for those times when the asthma is in remission.

Immune System Formula: 90 capsules. It is for those who are weakened, not by one attack of colds, flus, or allergies, but for repeated bouts against the attackers. The whole energy of the body has been knocked down enough that it takes a special formula to bring it back to normal. It is perfect also for older people who have had a rough cold and flu season, or someone who is recovering from an operation.

Immune Vital Protector: 90 capsules. This remarkable formula provides powerful protection, especially for those with chronic immune deficiency syndromes. It is a very special formula combining the most researched immune modulators with Astragalus, which helps to “lift the energy”. You can feel the powerful support of this formula within half an hour of taking the capsules.

Ultimate Immune Defense: 90 capsules. Who can benefit from this formula? Anyone. It is a great formula for people who have chronic allergies. It is fantastic for those who have autoimmune disease because it helps bring balance to the immune system, and it does not stimulate the immune system making it overact on itself. Ultimate Immune Defense is safe and gentle, yet powerful for those who are battling long term chronic illnesses, a perfect partner to take with the doctor’s protocol.

Cordyceps: 120 capsules. Cordyceps has demonstrated powerful action against bacteria, fungus and viruses. It has constituents that have been shown to have a strong anti tumor effect. Maintaining a strong immune system is a key to a long and healthy life.

Reishi Mushroom: 60 capsules. Reishi Mushroom is known as The Mushroom of Immortality, because regular use was believed to increase length and quality of life. It is one of the most famous adaptogenic herbs. Reishi Mushroom is considered one of the ultimate immunity enhancing herbs in Chinese herbalism. Reishi is legendary, rare and has a reputation for powerful protective qualities.

Gynostemma: 90 capsules. Super Herbs, or adaptogens, help to bring the mind and body into a state of harmony with the environment by inducing chemical, cellular, and systemic balance. This harmonizing function reduces the effects of negative conditions. This function also stimulates the immune and healing ability of the mind and body. Adaptogenic herbs, such as Gynostemma, help us adapt to various stressful challenges we face and reduce the damage to our mind and body. They help in coping with stress and promote well-being. As we are able to experience challenge more easily, we can do more and accomplish more.

Don’t Stay Sick – have these formulas always on hand

When You are Attacked by a Cold or Flu — Pull out your Immune Boosters and fight back

Stop It Cold!: 90 capsules. This remarkable formula was developed almost 1,000 years ago and is very safe and effective. It is famous for defeating a cold before it can get a foothold in the body. Stop It Cold! can give you an immediate immune boost to throw off a cold. So take this product at the first sign of a cold. It is safe for anyone 5 years and older.

Herbal Antibiotic: 90 capsules. The herbs in Herbal Antibiotic contain the primary antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal substances of Chinese herbalism. It is useful for yellow or sticky phlegm, for sore throat, or if a cold moves to the chest. It is very effective for a lingering sore throat following a cold. And it may also be taken in small doses over a longer period of time for chronic viral infections or inflammation.

Calm The Chills: 90 capsules. If your cold develops into chills and body-aches take Calm The Chills. If you have a fever, sore throat, and primarily feel chills this product is right for you. It is also useful for sinus type headaches.

Fight the Flu: 90 capsules. This is a complex formulation of Chinese herbs historically used to fight off the flu (influenza) and other upper respiratory system infections. If you can start fighting the flu symptoms immediately you might prevent the infection from developing into the full symptomatic disease.

Fever Buster: 90 capsules. The herbs in this formula all have demonstrated strong anti-viral, anti-bacterial actions. Because the herbs are very cold in nature this is a special deep action formula meant to be taken short term (a week or less). Because of the very cold nature of the herbs, the strong heat being generated by the high fever is counteracted more quickly. This intense heat can create a dry, non-productive cough, nausea and/or vomiting, etc. Fever Buster will help stop these symptoms. Take Fever Buster along with Fight the Flu!

Recovery – Formulas to bring back your health:

After your cold or flu is mostly over take the formulas below to help eliminate lingering debilitating symptoms and overcome fatigue.

Deep Fatigue:

Restore Energy Plus: 90 capsules. This formula will increase mental and physical stamina. The focus is on rebuilding digestive strength – the generator of the body’s energy. Speed up the results by avoiding iced drinks and increasing intake warm liquids. Take this product daily for two to three months after a cold or the flu and get your energy back up to full steam.

Dry Non-Productive Cough:

Cough and Bronchitis #1: 90 capsules. Our Cough & Bronchitis Formula #1 is used to clear the lungs of congestion from lingering dry cough. It also generates fluids which moisten the lungs. When the lungs are out of balance, they get too dry. This formula is very helpful for phlegm which is sticky or difficult to expectorate — the type of cough that can linger after a respiratory infection, keep you awake at night and drain your energy.

Spasming Cough That Will Not Stop:

Stop the Cough!: 90 capsules. For spasming cough. Often shows up at night. You are coughing little or nothing up but you can not stop the reflex to cough. Your cough goes into spasms, leaving you exhausted after each episode.

Lingering Minor Sore Throat

Precious Voice: 90 capsules. Lingering minor sore throat. If there is also some yellow phlegm add Herbal Antibiotic.

No appetite, weak digestion, foggy thinking:

Restore Energy Plus: 90 capsules. Digestive Energizer is a fundamental formula designed to increase vitality, enhance circulation of energy, and improve digestion. Strengthening the digestive system is the primary function of this formula. It is also beneficial for poor appetite, anemia, chronic fatigue and general weakness.


Herbal Maxi Lax: 90 capsules. This formula is a mild, yet remarkably effective formula for those who suffer from acute and chronic constipation. The herbs in Herbal Maxi-Lax naturally and gently soften the stool, moisten the intestines and increase peristalsis. This is an excellent formula to use as a first step in detoxifying the body. Once the “pipes” are cleaned you can start working on other key areas for detoxifying and achieving a brighter outlook on life.

Lingering Nasal Congestion:

Sinus and Nasal Congestion: 90 capsules. Provides fast relief from sinus and nasal congestion & sinus headache.

Tightness in the Lungs, often with Larangitis or loss of voice – take 2 products:

Fever Buster: 90 capsules. Fever Buster is a potent anti-infection combination of Lonicera, Forsythia, Scute and three other highly concentrated extracts from Chinese herbs. This combination is used to fight the flu.

Feeling Very Dry (lungs, nose, mouth, etc.):

Youthful Lungs: 90 capsules. Youthful Lungs is the perfect formula to strengthen, not only your voice, but your entire respiratory function.


Classic Cleansing Formula: 90 capsules. Your lymphatic system is your detoxifying system. After a cold there is a lot of debris from the body’s battle to clean up. Using Classic Cleansing for a couple of weeks can really give you a lift – detoxifying your body, and building back your immunity.

Allergy Sensitivity After A Cold:

Breathe Free: 90 capsules. This is a formula to relieve nasal congestion or sinusitis. Breathe Free opens the nasal passages, relieves chills and body aches, and at the same time improves energy levels and mental attitude. It is used when the mucus is clear or white. Can also be dramatically helpful for chronic allergies.

Herbal Allergy Relief: 90 capsules. Herbal Allergy Relief is used for immediate, fast acting relief from itchy eyes, sneezing, stuffy nose, scratchy throat. This formula is to alleviate the allergy symptoms. And it works quickly!

Sinus and Nasal Congestion: 90 capsules. Provides fast relief from sinus and nasal congestion & sinus headache.