Spring flowers According to the ancient principles which govern radiant health, allergens are a signal from the body that there is a weakness, an energy imbalance.

So the Asian approach to allergies is to attack from two fronts.

The first front is dealing with allergic reactions — with herbs, special energy exercises, and other techniques which calm the overacting immune system, bringing relief.

The second front is rebalancing and strengthening the body, so the food or environmental allergens no longer activate severe allergies. This takes time, but it brings you more than resistance to allergens. When the protective energy of the body is strong, all of life is better. You can do more with less stress, for body, mind and soul. Less stress and more success!

Immune System Formula is the deep long term formula to take to resolve the root problem — to strengthen you, the host for all these allergies. Taken over time the immune system gets stronger and stronger from season to season. It is especially good if you are recovering from an intense
allergic reaction.

Herbal Allergy Relief is for those who get red and itchy eyes, or sneeze a lot. This is used only when the symptoms arise.

Sinus and Nasal Congestion is for the person who has a recurring stuffy nose and sinus. This is a preventative for more serious sinus infections and sinus headaches.

Sinus Headache Formula is a fabulous formula. It is best, however, to try to avoid the headaches. Do a Healing Nasal Wash once or twice a week, and take Sinus and Nasal Congestion daily in the season you get the headaches.

Breathe Free is taken in the morning for those who awaken with lots of sinus congestion.

It is pretty amazing when you have battled allergies for years to find that the condition can improve, dramatically and eventually for good.

Antihistamines and steroid inhalers have dangerous side effects when taken over time. You have to work and function in life.

Being able to breathe is very important for being able to think straight and perform effectively.