What is the Purpose of the Healing Nasal Wash?


To clear sinus congestion, infections, stuffy nose, allergic rhinitis. It will relieve any difficulty of breathing through the nose, soothe sore throats, reduce recurring sinus and throat infections.

It is wonderful technique for us to know how to do, as it helps the body rid itself of the toxins that accumulate in the mucus and phlegm of our breathing passages. The Healing Nasal Wash is done with warm salt water. The salt kills the bacteria that can cause infections and inflammations. It is safe and easy for anyone to do.

When to do it? How often? It depends..


Every Morning:

Preventative or to help clear chronic sinus.


Once a day:

To help clear an infection, relieve allergies, or bring relief to a sore throat. If you have lots of phlegm the most comfortable time to do the Healing Nasal Wash will be in the daytime hours. Early morning and evening will most likely find you with more sinus. Mid day or even late afternoon it will be easier to do.


As needed:

For example. You have impacted sinuses. You have a headache. If you do a Healing Nasal Wash the first day, you can evaluate the next day to see if you need another one. This kind of condition should be evaluated day to day. How? By the results. Too many Healing Nasal Washes could dry the sinuses too much. You already have mucus which is difficult to expectorate. The goal is to use the Healing Nasal Wash to loosen the phlegm so it can begin to release. Drink lots of hot drinks, take showers, breathe in the warm water vapor.

Where did it come from? This healing wash is called neti in India. It is traditionally done by yogis as a technique to clear their breathing passages in order to make their breathing exercises more powerful. It is also used by athletes to maximize their workouts.


What do you need?
  • A container which holds 2 cups of slightly warm water.
  • 2 tsp. of salt (sea salt if you have it)
  • A water container which has a spout
  • Examples: a bulb syringe (like you use for a baby), a squeeze bottle, an eyedropper, or a clean turkey baster


What to do:

1. Add salt to water and stir to dissolve.
2. Fill bulb syringe with water/salt solution.
3. Hold your head over the sink.
4. Place the end of the spout into your left nostril, while you tilt your head to the right.
5. Now gently pour the solution into the nostril, making sure it comes out of the right nostril, rather than the left it is going into. You may have to adjust your head, or tilt it a little more to make sure this happens.
6. Squirt the remainder of the solution out of the spouted bottle.Just squirt it into the sink so you keep the instrument clean.
7. Refill the spouted bottle with warm salt water.
8. Repeat until you have used ½ the solution. Then switch to washing the right nostril.


A Few Tips:

At first you may feel clumsy. It may seem impossible for the solution to come out of the opposite nostril. Once you get used to the technique, it is very simple.

The mucus blockage in the airways is at the root of the nose. This is why sometimes, with a lot of blockage, it may not seem possible for the water to come out the other side of the nose. With repetitions, however, it will come out the opposite nostril and create a wonderful clearing of your nasal passages. You will be amazed. Your head will feel clearer; your breathing will be much freer.

Also, when first doing The Healing Nasal Wash, you may feel a little burning sensation in the nose, very similar to the way you feel when you are swimming get water up your nose. This goes away quickly, and the practice becomes very comfortable.


To clear the throat and for those who have chronic upper respiratory/throat infections:

Besides washing both nostrils, do a third type of wash. Tilt the head backwards so the solution doesn’t go out either nostril but down the throat instead. This is much better than gargling, as the bacteria can pocket in the back of the sinuses at the top of the throat. Gargling may miss this area. Nothing feels as great as a throat that is no longer sore!


Complimentary Herbal Formulas to help each different condition resolve more quickly: