In Summer our energy expands in the heat like a flower. In Winter the body’s energy withdraws into a quieter space, so it has the energy to protect itself from the cold. In Chinese medicine, Fall and Spring are seen as the “hinges” between Summer and Winter.

Fall and Spring, like hinges on a door, are full of movement. And this movement is like the wind, it can start up suddenly and dies down just as suddenly. From September to November there is rapid give and take: one day it’s really hot, the next day cold is in the air. In Spring it is the same; one day we smell Spring coming and notice the buds on the trees, the next day it snows.

In Chinese medicine this push and pull, this wind, is dangerous. It is a time when the body must continually adapt to change, from opening the pores to allowing sweating to close them to protect from cold. This is why Spring and Fall are more dangerous seasons for the body’s immune system. No wonder these two seasons are associated with colds and flu and allergies.

You can help yourself have a better Fall and Winter by paying attention as early as late August to help the body make this transition.* A big key is not to drink lots of iced cold drinks, and not to weigh the body down with too much food, especially bready foods, which are sticky and harder to digest. You can also help yourself by taking an immune-building formula like Radiant Immune Defense.

I remember a few years ago a good customer who is now a dear friend was fighting the intense Ohio late summer heat by enjoying popsicles. She had just brought her body to the point where her asthma seemed to have disappeared. One day she had 12 popsicles. It was so hot and they were so good. I warned her, “Please don’t keep eating all those popsicles, or your asthma will be worse this fall.” Sure enough, she had the worst fall she had had in years. And she has paid attention to her diet in late summer ever since!

The digestive system, according to Chinese Medicine helps us to move through late Summer and early Spring. If you pay attention to the principle we have taught you, what we call the Ancient Healing Secret, right before you go into the crazy energy of Spring and Fall your body will thank you and you will not be getting those colds and flu and allergies.

Whatever your healing journey being stronger, having more energy and having a stronger immune system will benefit you. There is a famous Chinese doctor who said that adding an immune strengthening formula to a woman’s program was the secret sauce he used to help her both become pregnant and hold the pregnancy.

*For pre-Spring strengthening start in late March