Have you been told any of These Things?

  • Your eggs are deteriorating
  • Your ovarian reserve is low
  • Your only hope is IVF, egg donation or surrogacy
  • You are a poor responder
  • Your FSH, LH, Estrdiol are not in balance
  • Your low AMH test result means little chance for success and less for a healthy baby

For 17 years we have listened to distraught women who have just come from the fertility clinic, having been given dire news about their fertility using the phrases above.

Amanda’s Story

“I clearly remember my own feelings of disappointment and inadequacy every month. Russell and I had tried for 4 years to conceive naturally. Then we tried Reproductive Endocrinology. We tried month after month, test after test, expense after expense. We only experienced failure time and time again.

I remember meeting again and again with our intelligent, kind doctor. I remember his gentle reminders that I was not getting any younger. He wanted to spare me. He wanted me to ‘’face the facts’’ and come to terms with my severe limitation: my age. I began to research alternative options, including Chinese Medicine. I implemented a natural fertility plan for myself, which would later become the basis and inspiration for Radiant Wonder’s fertility plans.

9 months later I felt I was finally healthy enough to have a better response to the Clomid and injections I had failed with before. If that didn’t work, I was ready for an egg donor. Much to everyone’s surprise, including my own, I became pregnant naturally! I delivered a healthy baby girl at age 45. I had renewed my chances for becoming pregnant by renewing my body’s sexual vitality.”

Amanda Howell Founder of Radiant Wonder

Thousands of the women of all ages from all over the world have had the same success – all of us delivering beautiful healthy children, after being marked failures.

How did this happen?

The common factor for these women is that they each used a natural fertility method, which Amanda devised herself from the study of Chinese Medicine. She learned how to personalize this fertility strategy as she started refining it with more study and sharing it with other women. It happened because these women all changed the environment within which their eggs were growing. The Radiant Wonder Natural Fertility Plan allowed their eggs to grow in a very nutrient rich and energy rich soup.

Their ages did not change. The eggs were their own eggs. But with these specially crafted programs, their eggs were enriched in a way that modern science is not able to achieve. Modern science can stimulate the ovaries to make more eggs, but not better quality eggs. Only you can do that. Your doctor gives you a very accurate snapshot of where you are right now.But you are not a snapshot – You are a moving picture. Yet, how do you move that picture?

Basic Eastern Fertility Strategy

egg-qualityChinese Medicine is the study of the body’s energy. This is the great secret and the great gift of this ancient natural medicine. Your eggs are needing not only nutrient rich foods to develop well, but also to be flowing in a wave of good energy, feeding on that energy as they grow, every minute of everyday. Increased vitality is critical for your success. Your eggs need your energy to thrive. When you have good nutrition and increased vitality, your picture starts to move.

Our strategy brings more energy, more vitality to your body, and to your eggs. As you feel these changes, your numbers will also move. You have a high probability of changing the reports.

Renewing Your Energy

It takes a lot of effort to achieve success in life before you even consider the possibility of becoming pregnant. Those challenges can leave you tired and underfunctioning on all levels.So it is actually very logical that if you can find a way to renew your energy and balance your cycle – you will dramatically increase your odds for getting pregnant.Let me offer you some inspiration. Here are two Success Stories from women who did just that with the help of Radiant Wonder.

Suzanne’s Success Story of Her Little Baby, Sarah

I just had my yearly exam with my GYN. She asked how I was doing and I told her about the herbs from Radiant Wonder I am taking. I explained to her that I started taking the herbs in Super Fertility #3 to help me get pregnant and that you told me that these herbs would also help with my cramps as well. I told her that I have been taking Radiant Wonder herbs for about 5 months and my cramps are very minor now and my bleeding isn’t as bad is it used to be. My doctor knew my cramps were really bad. She said that if these herbs are helping me that much I should continue taking them.

She ended up doing a pelvic ultrasound and could see I had ovulated two eggs. I took Clomid for 6 cycles in 6 months just to try to ovulate a 2nd egg to improve my chances. It appears that I can get, at least, the same result from taking the Super Fertility #3, if not better.

I love knowing that instead of taking harmful fertility drugs I can take the herbs from Radiant Wonder to improve my chances of getting pregnant, while at the same time taking my cramps away and just making life so much better for me. I feel great and know that the herbs are improving my chances for getting pregnant.Thank you Amanda for these herbs and for the amazing service you provide. You have really gone beyond the normal customer care shown by most businesses these days. The wealth of information you give along with such personal attention is so rare and something that I appreciate hugely.

Suzanne S. NJ USA

Note: Suzanne and her husband gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Sarah. A few years later, they easily got pregnant again and delivered another beautiful girl. Very often once the body is in balance, after delivering the first child, the second takes no more work than thinking it would be a good idea!

And here is Candace. A much faster road to success. It only took her a few months to become pregnant.

Candace and David’s Success Story

Do you remember Candace’s testimonial last year? Her FSH dropped from 17 to 5 in 3 months. Now Candace and her husband David have a beautiful baby girl!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You and your herbals nourished me to pregnancy and I now have a 4 month old baby girl! You helped me when I felt lost-when the fertility doctor, that I had been working with for 8 months, told me there was nothing he could do for me. He told me that I had “Low Ovarian Reserve”. I was 36 years old.

Less than three months later I became pregnant from taking your herbals. I went from an FSH of 17 to an FSH of 5 in less than two months on your plan.

I was still having the fertility specialist track my FSH in hopes that it would be an 11 or under again. I was to take Follistim if it came back in this range because my body would respond to Follistim again. I was shocked when my FSH was a 5. My lowest FSH before this was an FSH of 9 when I first started fertility. When the doctor wanted to put me back on Follistim because it was now in a good range I said no and quit working with the fertility doctor. I knew that my body was getting what it needed to get back on track.

My body was cycling at 28 days again, my sex drive was up, I had more energy. I felt healthy. Then my dream came true of not only getting pregnant but getting pregnant naturally. My own body picked the right egg to release and I had intercourse because I wanted to, not because the doctor told me to. And I never looked back at artificial insemination. I know so many women are in the same boat that I was in and I hope they find their way to you. You made my dream of having a baby a reality. My family and I thank you from deep within our hearts.

Candace and David Bucks County, PA USA

We Have Seen Many Miracles

Men have seen more sperm and better motility and morphology and suddenly a pregnant wife. Women have seen their menses, sometimes gone for years, return again and become regular. A very high FSH (195) drops to 7. An AMH test moves from 0.6 to 1.6 in 6 weeks (and she was pregnant the next month).


The Emperor and His Herbalist

Western Medicine sees the end of fertility at age 40. Chinese Medicine has a different perspective.

There is a conversation that happened 2,500 years ago between an Emperor and his chief herbalist. The discussion was about the limits for fertility for men and women. Men, he said, were able to help a woman get pregnant until age 64. Women could have a child as long as there was a menses, usually into their early 50s.

Your Eggs

The truth about our eggs: Even before you are born your ovaries are full of millions of eggs. Those numbers drop to hundreds of thousands by your teenage years. When you are getting close to menopause you still have thousands of eggs, so how can you be told that your ovarian reserve is low? Why are you told you are a low responder? Why are you told your eggs are old and fractured?

You are told those things because that is what the ultrasounds and other tests for levels of FSH and AMH record. Statistically, low reserve, low responding, and poor quality eggs line up with those numbers. The truth is that almost all women are able to change those reports. And there is good science behind this thinking. There are three issues at play here:

  • the number of eggs
  • the quality of the eggs
  • our hormonal fluctuations

We are told we have a finite number of eggs and that the numbers of those eggs becomes less and less as we age. It is true that we have eggs when we are born and that number becomes less, however there is more to it than that.

Exciting Harvard Research on How We Make New Eggs – Our Body’s Own Backup Plan

Science says you may be making new eggs. This would parallel the function of germ-line stem cells in males, which make new sperm throughout the male’s fertile life. This makes sense because the body likes to have back up for many of its most important functions. You have two lungs, but you can function with one. You have two kidneys, but you can live with only one. Similarly, we have two ovaries, but it only takes one for a successful pregnancy.

There are also many biochemical backup systems in the body. So why wouldn’t the body want a back up plan for its reproductive system? Why wouldn’t it want to provide you with the ability to make more eggs in the same way that men make more sperm? A recent study at Harvard Medical School with Massachusetts General Hospital discovered evidence that may override the old theory of eggs and egg life. The study found that female mice have germ-line stem cells in their ovaries that can make new eggs throughout the female’s fertile life. This has profound implications for us.

The Quality of Your Eggs

increase-egg-qualityThe DNA of your eggs can become a little less stable as you age, but your eggs are actually more like tiny seeds than the eggs you think of at the grocery store. These little seeds need food and energy to evolve properly. As your egg prepares for ovulation, it is responding to the body system around it – in the same way that every part of your body responds to your body system.

If there is a good flow of energy and if the quality of the blood feeding your system is good, then your eggs will be better quality. They will look better under the microscope and they will respond better. The DNA will be more stable. If you improve the quality of the health of your body, then the quality of your eggs will also be improved. If your body is being subjected to:

  • Poor diet
  • Constant stress hormones
  • Smoking
  • Toxic Drugs
  • Excessive Alcohol

then your egg development will respond negatively.

Your Fertility Plan

Your Natural Fertility Plan will include specific herbal formulas, fertility rich food recommendations, and special movement exercises and massage to destress your body and get your energy moving freely. Without good energy there is no good health. In the first month you will see positive changes in the quality of your life. You may feel more energy, have better digestion, better sleep, and positive changes in your menses. You Don’t Have To Change Your Entire Lifestyle. Even a few minor changes can bring powerful results.

Higher Stress Hormones Have a Negative Effect on Reproductive Hormones…And Here’s How We Can Help

We all face challenges in our daily lives. This causes stress build up in the body. All of your body systems become less flexible and less able to snap back to normal functioning when you experience high levels of stress. If you’re trying to conceive, stress hormones affect reproductive hormones. The good news is that your Fertility Plan is embedded with de-stressing herbal formulas and techniques to help your body deal with challenge, without taking on so much stress. For example, our Radiant Eight Energy Exercises can make a profound difference to the levels of stress hormones in your body.

Turning Back Your Biological Clock – Your Ability to Respond

The focus of Chinese Medicine is on bringing back your energy and breaking down the internal blockages of energy, cold and waste, that can inhibit the free flow of that energy. There are two ages involved here:

-Your chronological age, which is your age in years.
-Your biological age, which is the ‘age’ that your body is functioning at – which doesn’t always match your chronological age.

How Do Women 35-50 Become Pregnant Without The Help Of Reproductive Techniques?

It’s because their biological age is younger than their chronological age. Your chronological age is only one factor affecting the healthy development and responsiveness of your eggs.

Your chronological age is determined by your birthday. Your biological age is determined by your actual vitality (not measurable with Western instruments, but felt by you). You can renew yourself in a profound way. As your energy reserves become deeper, you feel more stable. You have more consistent energy throughout the day. You sleep better. Your mental state and emotions are more stable, too. You feel like yourself again.
How You May be Aging Your Body – Without Even Knowing It

-By not including fertility-rich foods in your diet
-By working out intensely at night
-By skipping breakfast
-By drinking a lot of cold drinks each day

Just these four can wear your body down and age it more quickly. If you are tired, your reproductive function is tired. If you often feel that you don’t have enough energy, then you should know that your reproductive system feels the same way.

Your Goal Is A Healthy Baby In A Healthy Body – It’s Up to you to provide the Healthy Body

Our job is to teach you the principles of Traditional Chinese Herbalism, which can dramatically increase your fertility and increase your odds for success. Our goal is to help you make your biological age far younger than your chronological age. As you work through your Fertility Support Program, you will feel the difference. We use Radiant Wonder formulas ourselves. We have had personal success and have helped thousands of couples worldwide to turn their fertility health around. We would love to help you too.