Most women have – on average – between 11 and 13 menstrual periods every year. Every woman is different, so you may have more or less than that. To decide if your periods are missed or irregular, it is necessary to view it in terms of what is normal for you. It is very common for your periods to be irregular for the first few years of menstruation. This is because it takes time for the hormones that control your periods to find a balance.

How Can I Get Pregnant with Irregular Periods?

Having your period become irregular from time to time in your life is not a sign of a serious disease. It is often the body simply protecting you. One of the most common reasons for delayed or missed periods is the level of stress and challenge in your life.

Your body needs blood for your period, but it also needs blood for you to do what you to do everyday to survive in this crazy world. You will read all kinds of reasons below why you might not be having regular periods. If you have the right advice and learn how to help your body renew and replenish, your cycles will become regular again.

This is true, even if you have been diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure or been told you are in the beginning stages of Menopause. This is the great gift of Chinese Medicine: the knowledge of exactly what foods and herbs the body needs to regain normal function. In a few months your cycle can be re-balanced, and you can kiss the diagnosis of ”menopause” goodbye! You will also have much more energy than you have now.

Eastern Solution

Chinese Medicine is Energy Medicine. We see your irregular (or missing) periods as an imbalance of energy and blood.

The solution: Give the body the blood building and energy building foods and herbs to help it renew its normal functioning. Add to that the energy techniques and dietary advice in your Radiant Wonder Fertility Plan and things will start to turn around.

We are here to empower you. It’s ultimately up to you to utilize our resources and put our simple, accessible tips into practice. You have the power to do this re-balancing. The doctor can not.

Western Solution

Western Medicine is Biochemical Medicine and sees your irregular periods as an imbalance of hormones. The ”balancing” solution is to put you on Birth Control. Missed or irregular periods are classed as less or more than 11–13 periods a year OR less or more than your own ‘normal’ number of periods. Your first stop should be to see your doctor to make sure that there are not reasons for your irregular periods that can compromise you entire health.

Causes for Irregular Periods:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Eating disorders
  • Emotional stress
  • Excessive weight loss or gain
  • Illness
  • Increased exercise (Athletes and dancers commonly have missed or irregular periods.)
  • Medicines
  • Premature ovarian failure (When you stop menstruating before age 40)
  • Problems with the pelvic organs such as: Asherman’s syndrome, fibroids, imperforate hymen, pelvic infection, polycystic ovary syndrome or uterine cancer / uterine abnormalities, uterine polyps
  • Travel
    Natural Solutions to Irregular Cycles

Irregular Periods are not always a sign of something wrong

Interesting Fact: Your body uses your cycle to help keep you in balance.  The use of birth control has created a mindset that your menstrual cycle should be 28 days (or close to it), and if it is 23 days or 45 days once in a while, then that is considered abnormal. Chinese Medicine understands that your body uses all the tools at its disposal to keep everything regulated and balanced. Below are a few examples of this.

1. Bleeding Between Periods
If a summer is particularly hot, your body may bring on an early menses to help you cool off. Western Medicine would view that as an irregular period, but we understand that your body is trying to help you.

2. A Late Period
Another example is having a long time between periods. Again, Western Medicine would see that as an irregular period, but Chinese Medicine understands that your body does not just use blood for your periods. Your body needs blood to meet intense challenges. If you have been facing a lot stress and challenges, then your body is going to hold onto the blood to give you the energy that you need. Your body knows how to heal itself. We can teach you to give it the help it needs.

A young woman never had a menses her entire senior year of high school. She was studying so hard (needs a lot of blood) and under so much stress (burns blood) that her body protected her and stopped her cycles.

Western Solutions

The Western Solution is to override your body’s natural cycle by pouring in hormones (which are often synthetic). irregular-menstrual-cycle
If you have not had a period for a long time and your check up turns up nothing serious to worry about, the Western answer is Birth Control or Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). According to Western Medicine – Birth control or HRT will “regulate” your cycle or HRT will “rebalance” Estrogen and Progesterone.

Eastern Medicine Doesn’t Agree for Two Main Reasons.

Reason One: Eastern Medicine understands that these hormones don’t regulate your menstrual cycle or re-balance your hormones. They override the natural hormone balance of your body. These treatments are not the answer when your body needs to regain its natural balance. They simply mask the symptoms and are never recommended for long term use because of cancer risks. Western Medicine just overrides the hormones with exogenous hormones.

Reason Two: It takes a great deal of your body’s natural energy to process these powerful hormones. That can create a whole new set of problems when you stop taking the pills. It is not actually “balancing” anything. When you stop having the hormone treatment, you end up back where you started.

Eastern Solutions

You may be worried about your hormones. Remember the doctor can not make you more fertile.  He can override your hormones to make you have a cycle, but that is not balancing your cycle and it certainly is not regulating your cycle. If it actually regulated your cycle, as soon as you got off of it the cycle would be normal. And that does not happen.

You are the only one, once you have the information of how to do it, who can change your hormonal balance. A good acupuncturist can help too. But the power is with you. There is nothing wrong with you.  You do not have a disease. It is not your fault. You are simply a little out of balance and you can let the body reboot if you understand what to do.

The 4 Things You Will Need to Balance Your Cycle

  1.  Quality Blood – Beautiful rich nutritious blood for a beautiful uterine wall and a food supply for your growing baby
  2. Energy – nothing heals without energy – and you need energy to move that blood throughout the body
  3. Warmth – you are building a nice cozy hone for your baby. If you tend to chill easily this may be another factor (search cold uterus on our blog)
  4. Less Stress – this allows for faster healing (special stress leaving techniques in your free Fertility Plan. (download sent to you by email with your first order)

Our Simple 3 Step Plan for Success

Step 1Nourish your body with the rich nutrition of Radiant Wonder formulas and the blood building foods recommended in your free Fertility Plan

Step 2Optimize Your Energy – use the techniques shared in your Fertility Plan to decrease stress and increase energy

Step 3 – Boost Your Fertility – results you can see and feel

As you balance your cycle with this method, you will start to feel healthier, happier, and more energetic. The following are signs this is beginning to take place

  • More energy – you need energy to heal
  • Calm energy – less Cortisol affecting your reproductive hormones
  • Changes in the pattern of the menses as it begins to balance
  • No pain
  • No clots
  • Normal flow (according to what is normal for you)
  • Good color blood
  • No dark blood at the end of the menses

Support Tools

What you can do to support yourself:

  • Avoid fad diets that greatly restrict calories and food variety
  • Avoid rapid weight loss
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet
  • Avoid endurance sports, which may cause you to miss periods or stop menstruating altogether
  • Increase exercise gradually
  • Learn relaxation exercises to reduce and cope with stress
  • Keep a diary of your periods or use a period tracking app on your smart phone

How Long Does it Take to Work?

These issues normally take 4 months to start resolving. There is a reason for that. Your blood supply is completely renewed in 120 days. Your body is in a constant state of renewal. You will feel changes in the first month, but your body needs time to heal. It took awhile to get in this situation. It may take a while to heal. But, once things are back on track you will not need the herbs anymore. You do not have a disease, you are simply out of balance. The fix isn’t fast like a drug to bring on a period. But there are no negative side effects and the change will last.