More-Mental-Focus Within 24 hours it did immediately what I wanted it to do. It immediately kicked in my short term memory. Throughout the day you know how you get when you are talking and then you say ”oh, I lost my train of thought?” Well that was really irritating me. I don’t like that. I can remember when I NEVER lost my train of thought. I am the kind of person who can talk a lot. I may have 4-5 things going, but I can keep up with them. I’m the kind of person who can say ”oh that’s what I was saying”..and go right on. I can digress to something else and get right back to what I was saying. In the last year or so it has been ‘huh! I lost my train of thought. I forgot what I was going to say!’ And that just drove me nuts.

So I saw the Brain Tonic and I read the bit about it and I said ”I’m going to try this. I’m going to try it.”

It was immediate. It was within 24 hours because what I do being Marketing Admissions I have just enough stuff in my day that is foreign to me, but I have to keep up with it. I have to do a lot of clinical stuff but I am not a clinician. So for example, I may have someone to admit and the clinical people will say to me, ”Be sure to tell the DON that ”he is suffering from COPD as a result of Cardiac Arrest and blah blah blah,” they may rattle off. Those clinic words I don’t always understand I have to remember and remember in the code doctors talk in. Well if I am driving I am not going to have time to write that down and I’m going right to the facility so I have go to be able to snap this out in another 10 minutes.

So I have a job where I can definitely monitor the ability of my short term memory. I came home and said to my husband, ”I am definitely getting results from this Brain Tonic. It is wonderful.” And he said, ”You say that about all of those herbs from Radiant Wonder.” I said, ”No I don’t, no I don’t. They are all good, but there are several that are really fabulous and this is one of them.” I am sure it going to help me long term, but I wanted you to know how pleased I am with Brain Tonic. You know there are a lot of people in my position. They just recently just discovered about Alzheimers that it is difficult to detect because when it first starts kicking in it mimics a lot of things that are customary for people in their late 40s early 50s who are losing their memory anyway. You can’t remember where you put your car keys; you can’t remember what you had for dinner. Well, heck, that describes half the population! It’s not until the disease starts to accelerate that you realize ”oh my gosh”. So what they say is that when you start noticing little things like that that is when you need to start getting a little bit more aggressive about taking better care of your memory, and watching it. If it is not early stages of the disease you should be able to correct it.

So when this started up I thought ”that’s me!, oh no, no, no. I’m going to correct this.” And Brain Tonic helped me right away. So I kind of got that taken care of. I know I have to continue. A lot of times these herbs give you dramatic results and then the results diminish until you have really brought that new nutrition up to the level the body can sustain it. So I won’t get discouraged if I see things seem to drift back a little. My brain told me this is working, and now I just have to keep taking it!

Stephanie S.

Fort Worth, TX