Work-Related-StressI work for Delta Airlines at the Seattle-Tacoma airport. Working for an airline today is intense. There have been so many changes and so much is expected of you. I need two things to do what I do everyday — less stress and more energy. I have tried so many things, 5-hour energy, ginseng, anything I could find. Nothing really worked. Then I tried your Energy Boost. I had tried the Rhodiola and Gynostemma before from other manufacturers so I wasn’t expecting a lot. A friend just gave me a bottle and told me to give it a couple of weeks. I took 2 capsules twice a day. It was a week and a half when it started kicking in.

This one product gives me everything I need. Just 2 caps morning and again in the early afternoon. The quality of your stuff is awesome. What do I feel? I got exactly what I wanted: more energy less stress all day. I have been telling all my friends, so let me tell you if you come to the Seattle-Tacoma Airport and you are flying Delta you can mention Radiant Wonder Energy Boost to most of the on the ground staff and they’ll know what you are talking about.

Joe P.

Seattle, Washington



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