Hi, It’s been a long time since we last spoke regarding my case. To refresh your memory (as I know how many women you treat), we spoke around March 2007 about my failed attempts of IVF/IUI and lack of getting pregnant or staying pregnant. My doctors always told me that it was due to ovarian failure and poor egg quality. So, I researched and found you! I started taking Super Fertility #2, Stress Relief and herbs to control cysts, while also following tips on my diet. I immediately started to feel better, slept better, had more energy. At the time I didn’t know if it was affecting my fertility, but figured, who cares right now, I had more energy to work out and I was getting sleep. We talked about how it would take at least a good 3 months to see a change in fertility, and then I called you in June to let you know I was pregnant. This was after one final apt with my fertility doctors to monitor my cycle. I was told at that apt that I needed to move on to donor eggs to get pregnant. 2 weeks later I was calling them to say I had a positive pregnancy test. I feel like I owe this to you. I believe the herbs helped my body heal, along with changing my diet (which helped me to lose 15lbs), continuing my acupuncture and just not feeling that overwhelmed feeling.

I wanted to give you an update on my progress. I was extremely nervous in those first few weeks about miscarrying as I had 3 previous ones. But you said that not only would the herbs helps me produce eggs, they would also help the quality. I must say I was nervous about it, but just sat back and took it all in.

I am now 29 wks pregnant and the baby is doing just great. The doctors are so pleased with his development and that helps to put me at ease. Unfortunately, I did have a complication with a shortening cervix which has caused me to be put on hospital bed rest. But so far so good, as my condition has been stable for 4wks and the baby doesn’t seem to be affected by this. He is doing just great. Amanda, I have wanted to write to you about doing a testimonial for Radiant Wonder as I feel after finding you and your wonderful herbs, my life has changed. I thank you for this and we will be in touch after I give birth to help me with getting my body back in sync. I did it once and I have faith I can do it again. Thank you again for your advice and guidance.


Bucks County, PA



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