IVF-PregnancyRadiant Wonder really has worked, for lack of a better word, wonders for me!

A year ago I had a failed IVF cycle and turned to the internet for explanations and options. That’s where I found Radiant Wonder. I started taking Calm Energy, Stress Relief and Super Fertility #2. The effects were almost immediate – I could actually focus at work and sleep at night.

Well, it’s been right at a year and I have just started another IVF cycle with a different doctor. Before I began the cycle he reviewed my previous IVF calendar (from a year ago) with all the medications etc. and told me he was shocked at the aggressive nature of the treatment considering how well my lab results and ultrasounds had turned out this time.

That’s when I explained to him that I’m not the same person I was a year ago. I told him all about Radiant Wonder and how much my body had changed. My FSH dropped from 8.5 to 6.1 and my follicle count went from a total of 5 to 5 on one ovary and 11 on the other!

I was afraid he might discount my ‘wonder herbs’ but he actually took the time to read up on them and gave his consent to keep taking them throughout the treatment. He’s all about the holistic approach to medicine and is in total support of anything that promotes physical and emotional well being. I love it!!! I’m actually excited about the IVF this time instead of scared to death. Positive thoughts! Positive feelings! And hopefully, positive results on that pregnancy test!!!

Thanks Radiant Wonder!!!

Brandi F.

Bryan, TX