Abnormal-Pap-SmearHi Amanda– just wanted to let you know I just heard results of the pap and ECC (endocervical curetage) the new gynecologist did . . . NEGATIVE! It worked!

Since the statistics are that 60% of all women (those who have had sex) have HPV, I feel that my story is something worth sharing with other women who have been diagnosed and are carrying the same nagging worry I carried for 6 years. I was diagnosed with HPV 6 years ago after investigating the dysplasia (abnormal cells) which showed up with my pap smear.

For the next 6 years I had pap smears every 6 months. The cells were always diagnosed as abnormal. No cancer each time, but no improvement. I must have had 4-5 Colposcopies (cervical biopsies) during those years. Last November I was told that they wanted to do a biopsy under anesthesia for further investigation prior to perhaps a hysterectomy (if necessary). This seemed rather drastic to me and it was not an event I welcomed. I really wanted to avoid the procedure.

I have been working with Radiant Wonder for a long time (since 2005) for various issues. Never thought to bring this one up to anyone. It was suggested that I use the Yin Care and Yin Care Douche applicator for a series of treatments. I used 5 bottles with the protocol for menopausal women. This product is very pure and very safe to use. Plus, it was so easy. The douche is done in the shower (you fill up the applicator and then just administer while standing in the shower. Nothing is inserted. It is an easy quick wash of the vagina.) I finished the cycles in January.

I talked my doctor into humoring me with one more regular pap test first, she agreed and in February I had a retest (along with an endocervical curettage – a rather thorough test all together), I am ecstatic to report that the test results were negative! There was absolutely no dysplasia. Now I am just on a program to do this twice a year as a preventative. I also have a much better understanding of how the dysplasia can happen and why this douche is so safe and effective.

This is such a mental relief for me. There is enough challenge in life. My job is very demanding. Not to have this worry nagging at me when I think of my health and longevity is a real blessing.

Cheryl R.