I have been meaning to write my thanks for a year. But it was my son’s birthday last week, and I remembered again the gratitude I feel for Radiant Wonder, the family I feel I still have. It was my husband who insisted that I call you. I was so depressed and felt as all our dreams of having a baby would never come true.

My story was a long one — lots of stress etc. But the worst was the when my doctor told me I had no more eggs left. My FSH was 98. My AMH was 0.4. The doctor didn’t even look me in the eye. She just told me to face the facts: I was 45 and in menopause. There was no hope for me. This was from a woman who had been so hopeful for me only a year before. And now she didn’t even meet my eye. I’ll never forget that moment. And the devastation I felt.

My husband is a college professor. He knew someone in his department, someone you had helped. So he found your website and called a talked with someone. He wanted to check you out first. I wouldn’t be surprised if you remember his call. He is pretty thorough in his questioning.

I wasn’t sure if it would work for me but I was willing to try. What other choice did I have? Maybe if I just got my hormones in line I could try IVF again. I spend about $150 a month on the herbal formulas.

I saw changes the first month. Sexual fluids and cervical mucus I hadn’t seen in years. My libido was returning. We were both happy about that. Then I started feeling little bubbly movement around my ovaries. Don’t know exactly how to describe it, but it felt like it was waking up down there. I ovulated again (hadn’t done that for a long time naturally.) My cycle started becoming regular again. It was good, but it felt a little surreal. Nothing happened all at once. No big fireworks, just something here, something there. I did my part with the food and exercises and taking the herbal formulas regularly.

Then it happened. I was pregnant. At 46. And we have a beautiful son who just had his second birthday.

I still think of everyone at Radiant Wonder often. I have been meaning to write this for years. So I am finally going to get it off my bucket list. Pregnant over 40 that was the mantra I kept thinking in those days. Well, we should start a new club. Pregnant over 45! I can be the first member.

Margaret A.

Woodbridge, CT