For 2 years I have been in premature menopause. It has been a very hard and emotional time. My diagnoses came after a doctor I trusted operated on me and caused me to go into premature ovarian failure and premature menopause. After seeing nine different doctors I finally got a great doc who got me on medication to ”cover up” my condition. I was never ok with the medication and the side effects of the medication and the other effects it might have on my body. But I was desperate so I went on the medication. To top all this my dream of having another child was gone. My eggs were gone and my ovaries had stopped working. After eleven months on the prescribed medication I had to find something else. I had to find something to make me better… not just cover up my condition. If I missed one pill I was miserable for days. I couldn’t do it anymore.

Then I found Radiant Wonder. I researched the company for a month. I was skeptical. I was not a believer. But I wanted to try something else. I had no support because everyone thought I was crazy for trying something I found online. Well that has all changed! I have been on my Radiant Wonder program for just a month.

I feel 100% better. I didn’t know I could feel this good. I had to see if the pills were working or if it was just mind over matter. Radiant Wonder told me not to expect numbers to change for a good three months. But as usual, I had to do it. So I am happy to report my FSH levels are down – my estrogen is up…. I just ovulated for the first time and I have eggs. My doctor says I found the miracle drug. She wants to use it in her practice!!!! Wanted to share my story!

Jenny T.

Alexandria, VA USA



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