The creation of our herbal formulas is both an art and a science. The critical factor is the synergy of the herbs. This allows us to create a product that is more effective than any one of its parts. Some formulas only have a few ingredients, others have twenty or more.

Many of the formulas that we use have been providing health benefits for thousands of years.

So Much More Than a Standardized Extract

We believe that there is a certain biological intelligence that is contained in the whole herb, not just in each isolated chemical. Understanding this concept is probably the most important step you can make to help yourself make informed decisions about which herb to take. The synergy that exists in the whole herb has greater value than any one isolated part.

As modern research continues its investigation into biological intelligence, we believe that taking the herb as a ”full-spectrum” or ”whole herb extract” is the best choice.

We then have the advantage of taking Nature’s gift as it was prepared for us – in balance.

Full Spectrum Whole Herb Extract – The Radiant Wonder Way

We use an advanced technological process to create our products. The process is called ”Full Spectrum Whole Herb Extraction”. Our proprietary technology ensures that our products have the highest strength while allowing the plant’s natural profile to remain intact.

The Difference is in the Quality

Herbs come in many grades. Our formulas are made with premium quality herbs, not a commercial grade product. We’re committed to finding and using the healthiest plants possible and we obtain them from reliable sources.

We know from experience that the highest quality herbs have a higher quality of active ingredients. That is what we want for our family and for you, our customer. We want you to get the very best results from our products.